Council Summary June 2015

APEGBC's Council of elected members and government representatives meets throughout the year to conduct the business of association governance. The following are the highlights of the June 19, 2015 meeting.

Revised CPD Bylaw Approved for Member Vote in Fall 2015

Council has approved the updated proposed CPD Bylaw for member ratification. This bylaw will be going forward for a membership vote in Fall of 2015. For background on this item, including the CPD Compliance Process approved by Council, please visit the CPD bylaw information website.

Request for Proposed Legislative Amendments to Proceed

Council reviewed stakeholder consultation results and recommendations for eight proposed amendments to the Engineers and Geoscientists Act and decided to proceed with a request to government for these changes. For background information regarding the proposed Act changes, please visit the legislative amendment consultation website.

New Professional Guidelines for Expert Witnesses

APEGBC Council has approved new Professional Guidelines - Expert Witnesses, pending editorial amendment, to clarify the role and requirements of expert witnesses in legal proceedings. Council has also approved cancellation of the existing Bulletin L: The Engineer as an Expert Witness and Bulletin L-1: The Role of the Expert Witness. For background on this item please click the link below.
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Retention of Women in Engineering and Geoscience

Council received a report on "Fostering Diversity and Inclusiveness - A Call to Action" which highlighted four priority items: best practices guidance for businesses, the recruitment of female students, measuring and reporting success, and taking a more active role to partner with industry and institutions to foster workplace diversity and inclusiveness. Staff were directed to create a draft plan to explore how these priority areas could be supported. Council voted to discuss the issue of enhancing diversity at its next strategic planning session.

Climate Change Advisory Group 2014/2015 Annual Report

A report of the activities of the Climate Change Advisory Group was presented to Council. Activities during the past year have focused on member education and outreach, discussion of a mitigation position paper, the Professional Practice Guidelines - Incorporating Climate Resilience in the Design of Public Infrastructure Resilience with the BC Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure, and the BC Provincial Climate Change Working Group.

APEGBC Approves MOU with AME BC

APEGBC and the Association of Mineral Exploration of British Columbia (AME BC) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding. For more information on the MOU and to view the document in full, click the link below.
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Branch Engagement Report

Branches play a fundamental role in increasing member engagement in the association and also support and drive member engagement in variety of ways. Council received a report on the activities of APEGBC branches from January 23-May 30, 2015. To view the report, please click the link below.
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Committee Terms of Reference Approved