Council Summary June 2016

APEGBC's Council of elected members and government representatives meets throughout the year to conduct the business of association governance. The following are the highlights of the June 17, 2016 meeting.

New Guidelines Support Volunteers, Good Governance

A 2014 survey of APEGBC volunteers identified the need for a volunteer policy and procedure manual. As a part of the volunteer orientation program current in development, a guideline document has now been created to provide information on policies and procedures related to volunteers’ involvement with APEGBC. This includes policies regarding harassment and violence, alcohol and drugs, confidentiality and conflict of interest. All current volunteers will be requested to read and acknowledge their acceptance of the new policies and procedures, and this process will become a part of orientation for new volunteers. The Volunteer Guidelines will provide APEGBC volunteers with resources to support their involvement with the association, while supporting operations and good governance practices.

Registration Policy Update: Discipline of Practice differing from Discipline of Study

The Registration Committee has been examining the demonstration of engineering competencies as adequate proof that an academically qualified applicant whose discipline of practice is different to their discipline of study has the knowledge and competencies to practice.
Having piloted this approach since 2009, the Registration Committee had requested that staff develop or revise policy to reflect this practice. This has been done, and at their June 17, 2016, meeting, Council approved changes to the Policy on Applicants whose Discipline of Practice/Experience is Different from the Discipline of Academic Qualification.

Policy for Publication of Disciplinary Decisions Revised