Social Media

100 Years of possibility

With the advent of new technologies, this past century has seen exponential growth and development of not only the engineering and geoscience professions, but also the world, as we know it. And as we enter our next 100 years, this pace of change will only become greater. 

So considering where we started, where we are now, and where could we go? 


Imagine the year is 2120. Think about how the engineering and geoscience professions have grown in the past 100 years. What new technologies and processes have been created? What problems have been solved? What does the profession look like?

2. Create it

Write, draw, build or design your thoughts on what the future holds. It could be a sketch or drawing with pencils and crayons, or something as detailed as a technical model. No idea is too small or too big - imagine the possibility.

3. Share It

Share your thoughts and ideas on social media using the hashtag #100YearsofPossibility. Engineers and Geoscientists BC will share posts across our LinkedIn and Twitter accounts.

Celebrating our professions

Throughout our rich and vast history, Engineers and Geoscientists BC has been a leader in innovation and a key contributor to the growth of British Columbia. But we did not achieve this on our own; it is a collective accomplishment through the passion and purpose of our registrants. 

It is your commitment to continuous innovation and adoption of new technologies and processes that not only create new solutions, but also open the door to new questions. It is through a more diverse and inclusive profession that we bring new perspectives and ways of working that provide significant benefits to the public.

Using the hashtag #ThisIsOurProfession, we want you to help commemorate, celebrate and highlight those who have brought us to where we are today by sharing the following on your social media accounts:

  • Name, profession and location of the individual;

  • A photo of the individual; and

  • A description of how they have contributed to the engineering and/or geoscience profession over the last 100 years.

Take a look around at your colleagues, mentors, students, former teachers or bosses, and let's highlight those individuals who have helped break boundaries, innovated for the greater good, and embraced what's possible, all the while remaining steadfast to our mission and purpose of protecting the public.

Note: Wherever possible, please ensure you seek the appropriate permissions before uploading and sharing your photo.