Continuing Professional Development Guideline Review FAQs

  • 1. Is CPD becoming mandatory?
    Not at this time, but the new Professional Governance Act contains a requirement that Engineers and Geoscientists BC “establish and maintain a continuing competency program to promote high standards among members.” Government regulations that will guide the program requirements are expected to be introduced over the next few years. It is expected that the regulations will make this continuing competency program mandatory for all members, but the timeline for making the program mandatory is still unknown.
  • 2. I am a registered professional in multiple provinces. Will the new program align with requirements in other provinces?
    Harmonizing any new program with other provinces is one of many factors that the committee is reviewing. Others include improving the simplicity and flexibility of the program, and reviewing the required number of hours each professional must complete.
  • 3. Will the new program dictate specific courses that each professional needs to take?
    No. Each professional must determine the type of professional development they require in order to take to stay competent in their field. It will be up to the professional to review their learning needs and objectives and decide on specific courses to meet their requirements.