National Engineering and Geoscience Month (NEGM)

National Engineering and Geoscience Month (NEGM) kicks off on March 1, 2019. Join in the excitement as engineer and geoscientist volunteers host community events that aim to inspire youth about science. This month-long celebration promotes awareness of the professions, highlights career choices in these fields, and reminds the public of the many ways in which engineering and geoscience keep the public safe.

Throughout March, Engineers and Geoscientists BC invites you and your family to participate in local community events that teach kids about science principles in a fun and educational way. Events include the Engineers and Geoscientists BC Science Games, Dig Day at the Britannia Mine Museum, popsicle stick bridge building competitions, and many other activities around BC.

We are also launching an advertising campaign that promotes engineering and geoscience professions to families through fun "Did You Know" facts. The ads can be found in The Vancouver Sun's newspaper—print and online—throughout March.

Considering a career in engineering and geoscience opens up a world of possibilities for students in BC, and across Canada. Join us as we celebrate science, exploration, and discovery all month long.

Events and Activities

Branch Events

In celebration of NEGM, Engineers and Geoscientists BC branches have organized events at different locations across BC. Find out which events are happening in your community.

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DIG Day!

Delve into geoscience with DIG Day! Engineers and Geoscientists BC has partnered with the Britannia Mine Museum for this fun and educational event. Bring your friends and family to the museum on Saturday, March 16, from 11:30 AM–3:00 PM.

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Drawing Contest

Think like an engineer or geoscientist and you can win a Chapters gift card. Information coming soon.

Science Games

At the Science Games, students in Grades 1—6 explore the principles and theories of science first hand through fun games and challenges. See the winning teams and find out how you can join next year.

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Other Fun Things

Cool Links for Kids

Want to learn about the top engineering feats of the 20th Century, play some online engineering and geoscience games, and more? Check out our cool links for kids page!

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There are so many interesting facts about engineering and geoscience. Find out what they are through our advertising campaign that focuses on fun "Did You Know" facts. The ads can be found in The Vancouver Sun's newspaper—print and online—throughout March.

Fun Facts

There are so many neat facts about engineering and geological engineering. Learn all about them and meet some of the engineers that work in areas like aerospace, electronics, civil, mining, and much more!

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