Regulation of Firms in BC

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The Professional Governance Act will come into force in November 2020, and with the implementation of the new Act, Engineers and Geoscientists BC will receive the legislative authority to regulate engineering and geoscience firms in British Columbia.

Engineers and Geoscientists BC will begin to regulate firms in July 2021 with early training opportunities available in January 2021.

Following extensive consultation, the new regulatory program will improve regulatory oversight, protect the public interest, and provide opportunities  for firms to improve their processes and reduce their risk.


Since 2015, Engineers and Geoscientists BC has been examining how practice by corporate entities should be regulated in BC as a means of enhancing public protection. The issue of corporate regulation is raised on an ongoing basis by members and organizations that look to Engineers and Geoscientists BC to ensure that practitioners and companies within various sectors meet the same quality assurance standards.

In Canada, the practice of engineering and geoscience by organizations is regulated in every province and territory except for BC and Quebec.

Our examination of this issue has been led by an advisory task force of members representing a broad range of disciplines and industries, and has included extensive consultation with members and stakeholders.

With the final phase of Engineers and Geoscientists BC's review of corporate practice and regulation now complete, the association has commenced the development of a Corporate Practice Program that will establish a new regulatory framework for engineering and geoscience organizations in BC.

Having reviewed the Task Force's recommendations of the association's approach and delivery for the regulation of firms in BC, the Engineers and Geoscientists BC Council approved the implementation of the Corporate Practice Business Plan at their meeting on June 21, 2019. While subject to the association receiving the required legislative authority to regulate as per the new Professional Governance Act, this plan will provide sufficient resources to implement a new regulatory program.


Consultation opportunities to review and consider the appropriate level of regulatory oversight for sole practitioners is now complete.

Between January-March 2019, the Task Force consulted members and sole practitioners through a number of activities, including a webinar, member survey, and focus groups. A summary of the member feedback can be viewed in the Consultation Summary Report.


Phase 1: 2016–2017

September 2016: The Task Force’s discussion paper explores the issue of corporate practice, and outlines options for the potential regulation of engineering and geoscience organizations in BC as a means to enhance public protection.

Discussion Paper

October 2016: This recorded webinar provides a condensed presentation on the issues surrounding corporate regulation and the potential regulatory options under evaluation, followed by Q&A from participants.

Corporate Practice Webinar Video

April 2017: This report summarizes consultation activities and member and stakeholder feedback received over 9 months of consultation on corporate practice.

Consultation Summary Report

April 2017: This report provides the Task Force's formal recommendations to Council based on the first phase of the association's exploration of corporate practice, including a recommendation to pursue regulatory authority over corporate practice.

Phase 1 Recommendations Report

Phase 2: 2017–2018

June 2018: This report provides the Task Force's Phase 2 recommendations to Council, which include a regulatory model for the oversight of corporate entities based on three main pillars of ethics, quality management, and professional development, and recommendations on the types of corporate entities that would be included.

Phase 2 Recommendations Report

Phase 3: 2019

June 2019: This report provides the Task Force's Phase 3 and final recommendations to Council which confirms previous recommendations for a corporate regulatory model with broad coverage to regulate all entities in the private and public sectors that provide products and/or services in BC requiring the practice of professional engineering and/or professional geoscience. This report also supports the draft Corporate Practice Business Plan as prepared by Engineers and Geoscientists BC staff, and as appended to this report.

Phase 3 Recommendations Report

June 2019: This report summarizes consultation activities and member and stakeholder feedback received during Phase 3.

Consultation Summary Report

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