The affairs of Engineers and Geoscientists British Columbia are managed by Council and the CEO, and are supplemented by standing boards and committees, and ad hoc committees and task forces which may be established by Council.

Committee Function
AIBC/Engineers and Geoscientists BC Certified Professional Program Specialist Designation Working Group  
AIBC/Engineers and Geoscientists BC Enhanced Building Envelope Services Specialist Designation Working Group  
APEG Foundation A registered charity that supports engineering and geoscience education through scholarships.
Engineers and Geoscientists BC/ABCFP Joint Practice Board Considers issues under the involving the education and practice of engineering, geoscience and forestry in the forest sector.
ASTTBC-Engineers and Geoscientists BC Joint Board  
Audit Committee Oversees the association's external audit, financial and risk management affairs and internal controls.
Benevolent Fund Society A registered charity devoted to assisting members in financial distress.
Board of Examiners Evaluates academic qualifications of applicants.
Branches Geographical groups of members that carry on local activities.
Building Codes Committee Reviews matters relating to building regulations in BC.
Building Enclosure Committee Advises on matters related to the building enclosure area of practice.
Certified Professional Advisory Committee  
Climate Change Advisory Group  
Consulting Practice Committee Reviews matters relating to professional aspects of engineering and geoscience consulting.
Continuing Professional Development Committee Reviews matters relating to continuing professional development for members.
Discipline Committee Discipline Panels hold courts of inquiry into conduct of members.
Women in Engineering and Geoscience Division This Division reviews professional issues affecting women engineers and geoscientists.
Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Division This Division reviews professional issues affecting energy efficiency and renewable energy for engineers and geoscientists.
Engineers and Geoscientists in the Resource Sector Division This Division reviews professional issues affecting geoscientists and engineers working in the forest industry.
Environmental Professionals Division This Division reviews professional issues affecting environmental engineering and environmental geoscience.
Editorial Board Advises on editorial content and solicits articles for Innovation.
EIT/GIT Online Reviewers  
Environment Advises Council on appropriate association stance on environmental matters including new legislation.
Executive Committee As delegated by Council, acts for Council when time dictates.
Geoscience Committee Reviews academic qualifications and experience of applicants for registration.
Geotechnical Engineering Task Force  
Governance Committee  
Investigation Committee Investigates complaints against members. Recommends formal hearings as warranted.
Mentoring Committee Assists EITs and GITs in working towards professional registration.
Municipal Engineers Division This Division reviews professional issues affecting municipal engineers.
Nominating Committee  
Organizational Quality Management Committee  
Practice Review Committee Responsible for practice review of members.
Professional Practice Committee  
Registration Committee Sets and implements the policies of Council regarding the application process and professional licensing with Engineers and Geoscientists BC.
Registration Fairness Panel  
Registration Interviewers  
Registration Process Re-Engineering Task Force  
Science Games Steering Committee  
SEABC/Engineers and Geoscientists BC Joint Professional Practice Committee  
Seismic Peer Review Committee  
Special Task Force on Alternative Admissions/Registration Systems  
Standing Awards Committee Solicits and reviews nominations for association awards and recommends winners to Council.
Structural Qualifications Board Liaises with other committees and keep Council and the engineering community informed of the program progress.
Sustainability Committee Promotes an understanding of the sustainability principles and the benefits of their application in professional practice.
Value For Money Steering Committee