Changes to Council Nominations and Elections

What's New?

The new Professional Governance Act introduces broad changes to the nomination, election, and composition of Council. These changes will be introduced in stages, beginning with the 2019/2020 Council election.

Key Changes

What’s Changing? How is it Changing? When is it Effective?
Nomination Criteria A new merit-based nomination process will be established; only those candidates approved through this process are eligible to stand for election.
Nomination by 25 members is no longer permitted under the new Act.
2019/2020 Council election
Council Composition 12 members in total. Of these, 11 will be voting members:
  • 4 government-appointed laypersons
  • 5 Councillors
  • 1 Vice President
  • 1 President
The Immediate Past President will be a non-voting member.
To be determined; not effective for 2019/2020
Councillor Terms Councillors: three years
President and Vice President: up to 3 years.
To be determined; not effective for 2019/2020
Term Limits Councillors: 6 years in one position, and 12 years in total. To be determined; not effective for 2019/2020

While the Professional Governance Act specifies these new requirements, there are a number of additional details, which will be provided through supporting regulations.

Phase 1 of the implementation of the Professional Governance Act focuses on the merit-based principles for nomination committees to follow for the selection of candidates.

This means that for 2019 election, a new merit-based selection process guided the Nominating Committee’s work and this Fall, there will be an election for 1 President, 1 Vice President, and 5 Councillors.

The term of office for Councillors will remain a 2-year term and the terms of office for President and Vice President will remain a 1-year term for the 2019 election.

The Professional Governance Act directs that a councillor must be nominated by a committee that has the purpose of nominating or selecting members for election. With the release of supporting regulation, section 25 (1), section 124, and section 118 (2) (g) (iv) of the Professional Governance Act have come into force, making Association Bylaw 3 (e) Nomination by 25 members inconsistent with the new Act and therefore, invalid. All nominations for election will be made by the association’s Nominating Committee.

Nomination by 25 members will not be accepted for the 2019 election.