Council Summary September 2016

APEGBC's Council of elected members and government representatives meets throughout the year to conduct the business of association governance. The following are the highlights of the September 9, 2016 meeting.

AGM Rules

APEGBC’s meeting rules for the Annual General Meeting are reviewed every year by the Governance Committee and presented to Council for approval. Council has approved the proposed 2016 AGM Rules which include amendments to simplify the language in rule 2.3 to clarify that motions must be framed in advisory language, and remove the “Use of Preamble” section to align with rule 2.5. Read more >

Building Engineering as a Discipline of Evaluation for Registration

Council has approved Building Engineering as a discipline of registration. We have seen an increase in the number of applicants who practice in the area of building engineering. By approving Building Engineering as a discipline, these applicants are now able to choose a discipline for registration with APEGBC which matches their area of practice. Read more >

Update on Eng.L. to P.Eng. Bridging Pilot

The Limited Licence to Professional Registration Pilot Bridging program was launched in Q1 2016 and, as of August 23, 2016, 13 Eng.L. holders have applied to the program. Most are highly experienced practitioners. Based on the progress of current applicants and evaluation of the program, it appears that there is merit in extending the timeline for completion. It is not possible to evaluate the effectiveness of the program until several applicants have completed all of the steps above and the Registration Committee recommended that this pilot program be extended for a reasonable length of time to allow for more data to be collected on its effectiveness.

At their September 9, 2016 meeting, Council approved that the pilot project to evaluate the Policy Providing Eng.L. a Method to Bridge the Academic Requirements to Full Professional Status be extended for up to three years (to September 2019) and that an annual report be brought to the Registration Committee and Council to review progress and findings and to make recommendations on the pilot and bridging program. Read more >

Increase Reduced Fee to 50% of Member Fee

During preparation for the 2017 budget, staff examined trends in the tiered fee relief structure, as well as reduced fee policies of several other regulatory bodies in BC and engineering and geoscience regulators in Canada. Findings indicated that APEGBC’s fee policy may need refinement. Changes discussed included limiting time access to reduced fees, and setting reduced fees to a percentage of the member fee. At their September 9, 2016 meeting, Council approved that the reduced fee level be set to 50% of the full annual fee for each category of membership. Council also approved that payment of the reduced fee be restricted to one billing year and not be allowed for the year immediately following that year. If a member requires fee relief for a second consecutive year, the member may avail themselves of other means provided by APEGBC. Read more >

Three Professional Practice Guidelines Approved

The following guidelines were approved by Council for final editorial and legal review prior to publication:
  • ACEC-BC/APEGBC Professional Practice Guidelines – Budget Guidelines for Consulting Engineering Services Infrastructure and Transportation (Updated)
  • ABCFP/APEGBC/CAB Professional Practice Guidelines – Legislated Riparian Assessments in BC
  • APEGBC Professional Practice Guidelines - Developing Climate Change Resilient Designs for Highway Infrastructure in British Columbia (Interim)

Strategic Plan Progress to Date

Council received information on current progress towards achieving the goals indicated in the 2014-2017 Strategic Plan and reviewed the targets for Year 3 of the plan. The APEGBC Annual Report, which will be released in September, details the progress made over the past year toward APEGBC’s strategic goals.

The Council Road Map, outlining areas of focus for 2015/2016, was completed at the September Council meeting. A new work plan for the 2016/2017 Council year will be based on APEGBC’s new strategic plan.

Approval of the Strategic Plan 2017-2020 Framework

On June 15 - 16, 2016, Council held a planning session to begin preparation of a new strategic plan for 2017–2020. At the meeting, Council discussed the need to align the plan and the legislative responsibilities of the association. Staff was directed to create a Strategic Plan Framework based on the guidance given by Council and to bring the Framework to the September Council meeting for review and approval. The main focus of APEGBC for the next several years will be to ensure alignment of the association’s activities with the Engineers and Geoscientists Act. To that end, the Vision and Mission are focused on the public interest while the goals align with the duties and objects of the Act. At their September 9, 2016 meeting, Council approved the 2017-2020 Strategic Plan Framework. Read more >

Successful Audit for 2015/2016

The 2015/2016 audit of APEGBC’s finances was completed and Council approved the financial statements for the fiscal year at their September meeting. PricewaterhouseCoopers reviewed key areas and found that the financial statements were presented fairly in accordance with Canadian audit standards and under Canadian accounting standards. The financial statements will be published in the 2015/2016 Annual Report. Read more >

Branding Development Update

Council’s 2014-2017 Strategic Plan has a major focus to improve the brand recognition for APEGBC and the professions of engineering and geoscience. The plan sets out two objectives to “Develop and implement an organizational brand strategy for APEGBC” and “Develop and implement a brand strategy for the BC engineering and geoscience professions,” and an outcome “The P.Eng. and P.Geo. designations are an internationally recognized brand of choice.” Over the three years of the branding project, numerous stakeholder meetings, surveys, and one-on-one interviews have taken place. To authentically articulate APEGBC’s brand, the work that is being done is data driven, and relies heavily on member input. This first phase of the project has involved a brand audit and comparison studies, survey data from members, staff and the public, one-on-one interviews with members representing different demographics and internal groups, as well as external stakeholders. As per Council’s request at their June 17, 2016 meeting, staff provided additional information to Council on the budget for the brand roll out; implementation plan; website domain name; and the legal process for a business name change. At their September 9, 2016 meeting, Council approved the name Engineers and Geoscientists British Columbia, and visual identity for development and implementation. Read more >

Extended Refugee Application Fee Waiver to November 2017

Since the implementation of the application fee waiver for refugees in November 2015,
APEGBC has received applications from four Syrian refugees. Due to the extended period of time it takes for refugees to be settled and to come forward for registration, the Registration Committee suggested that the fee waiver be extended through November 2017. In waiving the fee, APEGBC is taking a position that directly meets its objective of supporting potential members in acquiring the competencies required for professional registration and indirectly meets several others. At their September 9, 2016 meeting, Council approved that the waiver of the application (examination of credentials) fee for refugees and persons in a refugee-like situation be extended until November 2017. Read more >

Volunteer Appointments Approved

Council approved the following appointments to APEGBC committees, boards, and task forces.

Alternate Scrutineer for 2016/17 Council Election
John Watson, P.Eng., FEC, FGC (Hon.)

Building Codes Committee
Nav Chahal

CPD Committee
Shane O’Neill, P.Geo.
Thomas Kwan, P.Eng.
Ahmed Dagamseh, P.Eng.
Edward Fuller, P.Eng.
Eric Petit, P.Eng.
Lori-Ann Polukshko, P.Eng.

Investigation Committee
Craig Regier, P.Eng.

Sustainability Committee
Pascal Poudenx, P.Eng.
Ken Coulson, P.Eng.

Professional Practice Committee
David Melville, P.Geo.

City of Richmond Advisory Design Panel
Jubin Jalili, P.Eng.