Division Bursary

Please submit your applications by April 13, 2018  

The Engineers and Geoscientists in the Resource Sector Division offers an annual bursary intended to provide financial assistance to students pursuing an accredited post-secondary or post-graduate program related directly to professional engineering and/or geoscience/geotechnique in the resource sector.

The purpose of the Division to help members provide exceptional professional engineering and professional geoscience services in support of sustainable, land-based resource development activities, as distinct from manufacturing and processing activities, while advancing work place safety and protection of the public interest, and the environment. Division members possess engineering and/or geoscience expertise that includes but is not limited to, the mapping and assessment of terrain and related geological hazards, hazard and risk analysis, hydrological analysis, and planning and design for access development and management. 

In keeping with our mission statement, the bursary is a means to: 

  • promote education, professional development, and high standards of practice of engineering and geoscience related to resource sector activities.
  • promote awareness of specialized knowledge and training required by professional engineers and professional geoscientists working in the resource sector, and
  • promote public awareness of the role of professional engineers and professional geoscientists in the resource sector.

Eligibility Criteria 

Applicants must be enrolled in at least the third year of an undergraduate program or any year of a post-graduate program directly related to the practice of engineering and/or geoscience/geotechnique in the resource sector, and leading to membership in Engineers and Geoscientists British Columbia. Applicants should demonstrate above average grades. 

Submission Process 

All applicants shall submit the following:

  1. A cover letter describing the applicant's area of study and career goals. The letter should include a permanent contact address, phone number(s), and email address.
  2. A proof of enrollment letter and an accompanying list of current courses and/or program of study; and,
  3. An essay, no more than 5 pages, including figures and diagrams, on any topic related to engineering and/or geoscience/geotechnique in the resource sector.
Note that any submitted papers or essays may be published in the Engineers and Geoscientists in the Resource Sector Division newsletter, at the discretion of the Division Executive. Applicants must provide an electronic copy of the paper, preferably in MS Word, with the submission. Applications must be received by April 13, 2018, for consideration for the 2018 award. Digital applications should be submitted to the Division’s Bursary Coordinator.

Proof of enrollment letters can be forwarded to: 

Engineers and Geoscientists in the Resource Sector Division Bursary Sub-Committee 
c/o Engineers and Geoscientists BC
200–4010 Regent Street
Burnaby, BC, V5C 6N2

Evaluation of Applications

The Bursary Sub-committee will evaluate submissions based on the following criteria:

  • the relevancy of the applicant's field of study to engineering and/or geoscience/geotechnique in the resource sector;
  • the applicant's career goals;
  • the applicant's grades; and
  • the submitted paper which shall be reviewed for content, relevance to engineering of geoscience in the resource sector, organization, clarity, and references.

Award of Bursary 

The bursary, in the amount of $2000, will be awarded to the successful student by approximately mid-August. The Engineers and Geoscientists in the Resource Sector Division reserves the right not to award the bursary if a suitable candidate is not found. A successful applicant from the immediately preceding year will not be considered.

Prior to award, the selected candidate shall provide confirmation of current registration to the Bursary Sub-Committee. 

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