Innovation in Sustainability Award

Nominations for the Innovation in Sustainability Award are now closed.

The Engineers and Geoscientists BC Innovation in Sustainability Award recognizes the leadership roles engineering and geoscience professionals play in environmental protection and environmental enhancement, developing solutions to address changing climate, and seeking to realize sustainable outcomes.

The Innovation in Sustainability Award will be granted to a project that has demonstrated a commitment to the environment and climate change and has exemplified one or more of Engineers and Geoscientists BC’s Sustainability Guidelines.

Download the complete Terms of Reference for this award.


  • The award is open to any project (or portion of a multidisciplinary project) that has demonstrated a commitment to the protection of the environment or action on climate change using innovative solutions.
  • Project nominations must demonstrate the significant involvement of registrants of Engineers and Geoscientists BC as key contributor(s) to the project. Registered professionals of the organization can be individual members or part of a multidisciplinary team that includes other professional engineers, professional geoscientists, and/or members of other professions. If the project is submitted by a firm, the firm must be registered with Engineers and Geoscientists BC and hold a Permit to Practice.
  • Projects may be completed, under construction/development, or at a state where detailed design has been completed. Projects under development should be sufficiently complete to demonstrate success.
  • Projects must show innovation in an approach, process, or procedure related to the protection of the environment or action on climate change.
  • Innovative research projects, studies, or public policy development that has a transformational effect in advancing sustainability may be considered for the award.
  • Projects must have been initiated within the preceding 5 years.

Nomination Procedures

In order to facilitate receiving a significant number of nominations, Engineers and Geoscientists BC requests an Initial Application form is submitted for preliminary review. This is a 1–2 page document that provides a general overview of the project.

Each nominator should submit a 1-2 page summary of the project, using the Initial Application form, for review by the Award Sub-Committee consisting of members from the Sustainability Advisory Group, Climate Change Advisory Group, and the Environmental Professionals Division.

Shortlisted applicants from the initial review will be contacted to submit a full nomination package.

Nominations should be submitted in PDF format via email. Photos may be included as .jpg or .gif files or embedded in the full submission.

Nominations may be submitted to the Engineers and Geoscientists BC by email at [email protected].

Important Dates

Date Event
February 28, 2023 Application deadline for the Initial Application (1-2 page fillable form)
Mid-March 2023 Applicants notified to submit a full submission
April 7, 2023 Application deadline for the full submission
April–May 2023 Awards sub-committee to review award submissions
June/July 2023 Award winner notified
October 2023 Award presented

Selection Criteria and Process

The Award Sub-Committee will make its selection based on criteria that include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Presentation of the Initial Application and Full Submission package.
  • Innovation in an approach, process, or procedure related to protection of the environment or action on climate change (without regard to project size).
  • Project integration of considerations related to the social and economic pillars of sustainability will be considered.
  • The comprehensive nature of the project as it pertains to the recognition of potential environmental impacts and application of appropriate mitigation measures.
  • Demonstrated success of the project.
  • Best overall sustainability concepts embodied by a project and best use of the Sustainability Guidelines in a project.
  • The extent of public and other stakeholder consultation and consideration in the project, as appropriate for the project submitted.

The Award Sub-Committee will seek follow up information on nominations, if and where required.

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