The Meritorious Achievement Award

Nominations for all 2023 Engineers and Geoscientists BC Awards are now closed.
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The candidate has achieved distinction and outstanding goals associated with their profession that has enhanced the safety, wellbeing, or interest of the public. The achievement may be the result of a single activity or the culmination of a number of activities. Examples of professional achievements may include the discovery of a new process or procedure, leadership of a team that reaches national or international distinction, or achievement of a goal against considerable odds through determination and personal drive.


  • P.Eng.
  • P.Geo.
  • P.L.Eng.
  • P.L.Geo. 


For guidance, candidates will be evaluated 80% for professional and technical achievements to engineering or geoscience and 20% for volunteer service. Refer to the below descriptions and examples of professional and technical achievements and volunteer service.

Award Description

The following paragraphs provide examples of professional and technical achievements and volunteer service, where not described in the award description above.

Professional and technical achievements describe the nominee’s contributions in the context of their professional role or career. This could include having shown exceptional leadership in engineering or geoscience or making lasting technical contributions that enhance public safety, public welfare, or environmental protection.

Volunteer service describes the nominee’s contributions as a volunteer with Engineers and Geoscientists BC, Engineers Canada, Geoscientists Canada, or other professional or technical organizations related to engineering or geoscience that contribute to advancing professional practice and/or public safety in BC.

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