Forest Engineering Award of Excellence Past Recipients

Year Name
2021 Lee Deslauriers, P.Eng., RPF
2019 Del Ferguson, P.Geo./Eng.L., FGAC
2015 Bert Argent, P.Eng.
2011 G. J. McClelland, P.Eng.
2010 G. G. Beaton, P.Eng.
2009 S. C. Chatwin, P.Geo.
2007 A. N. Chatterton, RPF
2006 J. W. Schwab, P.Geo., RPF
2005 Associated Engineering (BC) Ltd.
2004 G. Shikaze, P.Eng.
2003 R. Davis, P.Eng.
2002 D. F. VanDine, P.Eng./P.Geo.
2000 B. P. Willington, P.Geo., PhD
1999 Institute of Forest Engineering of BC (IFEBC)
1998 G. M. Horel, P.Eng.
1997 Forest Engineering Research Institute of Canada