President's Awards

Nominations for the 2021 President's Awards are currently being accepted until 5:00 PM on Friday, April 9, 2021.

Online Award Nomination Form

Please read this first:

  • Nominations must be received by Engineers and Geoscientists British Columbia by 5:00 PM on Friday, April 9, 2021.
  • Please review the President’s Awards Terms of Reference, which include information on the award categories and eligibility,
  • President’s Awards may be conferred posthumously at the discretion of the Standing Awards Committee; however the nominee must be living at the time of nomination,
  • It is important to note that the nomination form does not allow you to save your work as you go. It is recommended that you review the information required by selecting an award category from the drop down menu, and completing your work in a word processing program. When you are ready to proceed you can copy and paste your information from your word document into the form. Additional tips on submitting a nomination are available on the President’s Awards Nomination Procedures page.
  • All supporting documents must be received by 5:00 PM on Friday, April 9, 2021.

Contact Information

If you have questions about the President’s Awards, eligibility of a candidate, or require support in making an award nomination, please contact: Amanda Kerby, Communications Specialist at [email protected] or 604.412.4860.

I hereby nominate for the 2021
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Please describe how the nominee has made significant technical contributions, including leadership, to professional engineering. Be sure to include how the candidate has exhibited concern for public welfare that characterizes the profession at its best (500 words or less).

Professional Service Contributions *

Please describe how the nominee has demonstrated substantial professional service. Please spell out acronyms or list full names of organizations where appropriate (300 words or less).

Community Service Contributions *

Please describe how the candidate has demonstrated substantial community service (300 words or less).

Contribution To Public safety *

Please describe in one or two short sentences how the nominee is contributing to enhanced public safety or protecting the public interest through their technical achievements or professional/community service. (150 words or less).

Supporting Documentation

  • It is essential that detailed supporting evidence of a nominee's eligibility for an award (letters of support) and an abbreviated CV/resume be provided. If photos, newspaper or magazine clippings, or work project details are available, they should be included as additional information.
  • Electronic files are preferred. However, should you wish to submit these documents by mail, please address them to c/o President’s Awards
  • Please note that the total size of all attachments cannot exceed 30 MB
Curriculum Vitae/Resume *
  • Required
  • Maximum of five pages
  • To be attached as one PDF or Word file
Letters of Support *
  • One is required
  • Up to four can be submitted
  • Letters to be attached in PDF or word files
Additional Supporting Information
  • Optional - News clippings, media coverage, photos, examples of work projects e.t.c.
  • A maximum of three pages of additional information may be submitted
  • Additional information to be attached in PDF or word files

How Did You Hear About Engineers and Geoscientists BC’s President’s Awards?

The Awards Committee will review all nominations and make recommendations to Engineers and Geoscientists BC Council regarding the recipients of the awards. Only completed award nominations will be considered by the Awards Committee. The onus is on the nominator to provide complete information on a candidates' background and to ensure eligibility for an award.

All correspondence will be conducted between the Awards Committee and the principal nominator on the nomination form. The Awards Committee would prefer that a nomination not be revealed to a candidate before its consideration by Engineers and Geoscientists BC’s Council.

Professional Service examples may include:
  • Being an advocate for the profession
  • Having served actively with Engineers and Geoscientists BC Branch or Division, or as a member or chair of Engineers and Geoscientists BC committee, board, or task force
  • Having served as Engineers and Geoscientists BC councillor (current members of Council are not eligible), or
  • Having served actively with a provincial, national or international technical association or learned society.
Greater weight will be given for either a sustained period of professional service or for participation in a number of different activities.
Community Service examples may include:
  • Served or serving as a volunteer with a youth or church group, service organization, community sport or recreation club, or performed other unpaid work beyond the profession
  • Served or serving in a position of responsibility with a recognized charitable organization
  • Served or serving as an elected official on a municipal or regional council or board
  • Served or serving as a legislative MLA or parliamentary MP.
Greater weight will be given for either a sustained period of community service or for participation in a number of different activities.