Limited Licence

About this Category

This category is for individuals who have academic qualifications other than a university engineering or geoscience degree, have gained several years of experience in a defined scope of engineering or geoscience work and wish to take professional responsibility for that work. The Limited License is designed for those who are qualified to practise a limited scope of engineering or geoscience at a professional level.

Application Requirements

Academic and Experience Requirements

Applicants for a Limited Licence must demonstrate the following academic and experience requirements:

  • A science degree or a diploma in engineering or geoscience technology (or the equivalent).
  • At least eight years of engineering or geoscience work experience, which must include:
    • One year in a Canadian Environment.
    • At least two years under the supervision of a licensed professional engineer or professional geoscientist.
  • You may apply up to four years of the required post-secondary training towards the 8-year experience requirement.

Acceptable work experience typically includes the application of theory and exposure to, or experience in the following broad areas: practical experience, management, communication, the social implications of engineering or geoscience, and sustainability.

Please refer to the Satisfactory Engineering Experience Guidelines or the Satisfactory Geoscience Experience Guidelines for more details.

Standard Sco​pe Limited Licence​

The following standard scope Limited Licences have been approved by Engineers and Geoscientists BC's Council:

  • Standard Scope Limited Licence in Professional Engineering for University Faculty. This scope is for university faculty who teach courses that are primarily engineering science and/or design and are doing engineering-related research.
  • Standard Scope Limited Licence for Contaminated Sites Roster Candidates. This scope is for experts working in the contaminated sites field who apply engineering principles at a satisfactory level and have generated solely-authored reports, designs, and specifications.

Law and Ethics Requirement

English Language Competence

English Language Competence for Practice is evaluated through:

  • An essay written as part of  the Professional Practice Examination.
  • Comments of referees.
  • Comments of interviewers (if an interview is required).

Good Character Requirement

All applicants must prove that they are of good character and good repute. We will review the information provided in your application to ensure that you meet these standards. To learn more about these requirements, see the page for Good Character Requirement and Registration Hearings.  

How to Apply

Documents R​equired

Engineering Licensee applicants are now permitted to use the  Competency Experience Reporting System.  A free webinar titled The Competency System for Engineering Licensees is available for viewing in the Online Store.

Documents Required Using the Competency Experience Reporting System

  1. Completed online application for Eng.L.
  2. *A certified copy of your Citizenship (citizenship card, birth certificate, or photo page of your current passport).
  3. Description of your scope of practice. Please refer to the Guide to Developing a Scope of Practice (pg.9).
  4. List of projects related to your scope (This is not required for those who are applying for a standard scope Eng.L. for University Faculty).
  5. Please review the Technical Competency Indicators for Engineering Licensees. Experience must be reported using the Competency Experience Reporting System.  When using the system, you will need to complete the Employment History section and should include detailed project descriptions in the field for "Major Responsibility and Projects". 
  6. Official transcripts sent directly to Engineers and Geoscientists British Columbia from your educational institutions.

Documents Required Using the Traditional Format

Please refer to the Limited Licence Application Guide when completing your application.

  1. Completed online application
  2. *A certified copy of your  Citizenship (citizenship card, birth certificate, or photo page of your current passport).
  3. Description of your scope of practice. Please refer to the Guide to Developing a Scope of Practice (pg.9).
  4. List of projects related to your scope (This is not required for those who are applying for a standard scope Eng.L. for University Faculty).
  5. One copy of a project report you wrote that demonstrates your scope of practice (This is not required for those who are applying for a standard scope Eng.L. for University Faculty).
  6. Completed experience report.
  7. Short essay (about 500 words) discussing your understanding of the role of an Engineering Licensee or Geoscience Licensee. 
  8. It is recommended to include your understanding of the significant repercussions of  independently practicing a scope of professional engineering or geoscience. Consider what it means to protect the public interest, what additional liability comes with full responsibility incurs, the consequences of breaching the Code of Ethics to yourself and the profession, the implications of practicing outside your defined scope as well as the care and judgment that you must take to work only within your scope, and any other topic(s) that you consider to be pertinent to the discussion.
  9. Official transcripts sent directly to Engineers and Geoscientists British Columbia from your educational institutions.
  10. Reference Forms sent directly to Engineers and Geoscientists BC by P.Eng./P.Geo. supervisors/colleagues. (Minimum of four required).

* To have a copy certified, make a photocopy of your document (citizenship card, birth certificate, or current passport) and ask a P.Eng., P.Geo., P.E., or Notary Public to sign and stamp it as a "true copy of the original". 

How Much Does it Cost?

What When Amount
Application Fee – First Time Applicant With application $498.75
Professional Practice Examination With examination application $325.50
Professional Practice Examination Study Kit Upon order:
If picked up in person

If mailed from Engineers and Geoscientists BC

Professional Engineering and Geoscience Practice in BC Online Seminar Upon order $288.75
Licensing Fee After registration $283.50
Annual Fee Pro-rated, paid after registration $439.55

After Applying

Once all of your documents have been received, we will conduct an academic and experience review to determine whether you qualify for a Limited Licence. If you do not meet the minimum academic requirements for your proposed scope of practice, your application will be declined and your application fee will be refunded.

If you meet the minimum requirements, you will be invited to a panel interview. This will be a detailed one hour interview with two professional engineers or geoscientists who specialize in your scope of work. The purpose of the interview is to review whether you have gained satisfactory experience to obtain a Limited Licence in that area of expertise. Additional experience may also be assigned.

All applicants for Limited Licence are required to pass a Professional Practice Examination, complete the Professional Engineering and Geoscience Practice in BC Online Seminar, fulfill the English Language Competency for Practice and Good Character Requirements, and sign an Undertaking that we will send to you.

Once licensed, you will be sent a notification email, a stamp, and your certificate of licensure. You will be eligible to use the title of Engineering Licensee (Eng.L.) or Geoscience Licensee (Geo.L.).

Supporting Information

Officia​l Mark​s

Engineers and Geoscientists BC has adopted and uses Engineering Licensee, Eng.L., Geoscience Licensee and Geo.L. as official marks in conjunction with governing the practice of engineering and geoscience in British Columbia in accordance with its mandate to protect public health, safety, and welfare.