Facilities Architectural Manager

Company: UBC Building Operations
Location: Vancouver, British Columbia
Website: http://www.staffcareers.ubc.ca/37375
Email: [email protected]

Please submit all applications through UBC Careers: www.staffcareers.ubc.ca/37375.

Job Summary

The Facilities Architectural Manager provides technical solutions related to architectural assets (including building envelopes, foundations, glazing systems, roofing, and building structural components) and performance of these critical assets and systems on campus that are valued at over $2 billion.

This position is the in-house architectural professional, subject matter expert, to all University departments with respect to architectural systems for core campus buildings. This position actively leads the in house design, review of design by others, construction quality control, direction around seismic design, and upgrades for campus building resiliency and the planned operations and maintenance of all architectural assets within the core academic campus at UBC to achieve lowest total cost of ownership over the life of the asset. This position actively contributes architectural expertise to the Campus as a Living Lab strategy and constantly looks for ways to improve the energy performance of buildings on campus.

The Facilities Architectural Manager is responsible for leading, developing, and updating recommendations for improvements to the technical guidelines and reviews architectural drawings for compliance with the guidelines. The position is also responsible for the handover process of new architectural system construction to Building Operations including the quality control of construction, training on new assets, and documentation to support ongoing maintenance. Supports the development of proactive maintenance strategies for architectural assets.

Organizational Status

Reports to the Director of Asset Replacement and Improvements. Interacts with Infrastructure Development, Energy and Water, UBC Properties Trust, external consultants, trades, faculty, staff, and students to provide University architectural requirements and technical information. This position is a resource for Architectural Trade Heads providing technical coaching and feedback.

Work Performed

  • Provides Architectural technical solutions, develops maintenance programs for all new and renewed buildings to maximize the reliability and the life cycle of all related building envelopes, foundations, glazing systems, roofing and building structural components, and ensures compliance with both Code and Technical Guidelines.
  • Leads the transition team for new buildings and architectural system handover to Building Operations: construction quality control (QC), training for operations staff on new assets, ensuring documentation is available for all architectural assets, creating of planned maintenance and operations programs to ensure high performance of asset at lowest total cost.
  • Develops maintenance programs for all new and renewed buildings and facilities including: compiling equipment inventory, developing and defining inspection and service routines, and updating in maintenance software and database systems.
  • Acts as a key member on the Emergency Operations Task force to ensure operational continuity during emergency situations.
  • Identifies, treats, and/or executes resolutions to risks as assigned on the Risk Registry to mitigate the probability of operational hazards, reputational or financial risks. Investigates architectural malfunction, major incidents and auditing for potentials, identifying corrective actions and ensuring they are completed. Supports investigation of contractor work for technical compliance with code and best practice.
  • Provides technical evaluation and risk analysis on the application of the Building Code and Technical Guidelines to campus buildings and operations. Creates architectural policies and procedures for University wide application in lieu of bylaws and codes.
  • Responsible for ensuring UBC's policies and procedures are kept up to date on changes to related codes, standards, and best practices as it relates to the University building architectural systems, and that all architectural heads and crews are fully informed of said changes.
  • Advises on the development, review and update of the University's Technical Guidelines with regards to minimizing life cycle costs of buildings related to maintenance and operations of building services and building elements. Leads meetings, reviews rough content, and coordinates the potential changes of all stakeholder disciplines, trades, and professions for each annual updating of all contents of the Technical Guidelines.
  • Reviews and analyzes architectural design by others. Responsible for designs by Building Operations staff for major new campus facilities and buildings, major renewal projects, minor construction projects, and gives direction to address compliance with the UBC Technical Guidelines and applicable Provincial and Federal codes.
  • Analyzes architectural design issues with smaller projects, upgrades and reconfiguration of existing systems and equipment to maintain safe and efficient operation of campus facilities.
  • Is the University's technical expert for consultants and project groups on all phases of capital renewal and operation maintenance for building architectural systems including building envelopes, foundations, glazing systems, roofing and building structural components and ensures University technical requirements are known and understood.
  • Leads the development of long range plans for facility renewal plans based on changes to the Facility Condition Index. Provides consulting services for the development of maintenance programs. Supports the departmental knowledge of asset condition and the strategies to improve the life cycle cost and reduce the total cost of ownership.
  • Reviews proposals for exceptions to regulation proposals and coordinates with enforcing authorities.
  • Provides consulting services for the design, development, and installation of sustainability initiatives and opportunities, as they relate to overall architectural systems.
  • Evaluates and provides direction for addressing safety concerns for maintenance and operation of existing facilities and design and installation details for new facilities.
  • Directs the department's participation in the campus' seismic upgrading program with an appreciation for resiliency and post disaster business continuity.
  • Provides consulting services for the preparation of the annual and 5 year Cyclical, Deferred, and Planned Maintenance strategic planning and compliance plans as they relate to the operation of architectural systems and devices.
  • Interprets the intent of regulations and provides direction to achieve compliance.
  • Reviews and re-engineers existing systems to meet new space requirements; to reduce maintenance costs; ensure maximum reliability of existing equipment and systems and to reduce energy consumption.
  • Develops and implements capital planning, builds business cases and sets priorities for work.
  • Develops quality control procedures and key performance indicators (KPI)'s and detailed plans for programs and services. Interprets KPI's, responsible for benchmarking capital maintenance and renewal performance and manages implementation.
  • Reviews the commissioning of new facilities including: adherence to the University's Technical Design Guidelines, meeting building systems performance requirements, the testing of equipment, meeting project warranties, investigating deficiencies and making recommendations for correction.
  • Provides professional architectural project management services for the design of renovation and construction projects in order to meet objectives while adhering to schedules, fee proposals, engineering standards service requirements, quality requirements, and financial performance targets.
  • Reviews architectural design details.
  • Manages the maintenance and update of all architectural asset records.
  • Provides consulting services to building operations and maintenance including trouble shooting and system redesign and optimization analysis and implementation.
  • Provides consulting services for the Cyclical Replacement and deferred Maintenance Programs, including short and long range planning.
  • Reviews audits of architectural systems and equipment. Advises appropriate user groups on the correction of deficiencies or assessment of changes or additions to existing mechanical and electrical systems and equipment.
  • Provides direction to the development and revision of Technical Guidelines. Interprets the guidelines or provides additional operational that assists University of British Columbia Properties Trust (UBCPT), Project Managers (PM) and architects at the design phase of construction.
  • Provides technical advice to the UBCPT, Sustainability department, Superintendents, Trades Managers, Project Coordinators, Project Managers, Technical services and consultants to review new projects during all phases of design and construction, ensuring necessary information is available, projects are efficiently coordinated, energy conservation is considered, aids in commissioning of new projects and ensures work is completed on schedule and within budget.
  • Ensure all UBC Building Operations staff performing architectural work are trade qualified and competent. Provides direct ongoing monitoring and coaching as needed with architectural trades.
  • Perform other duties as required.

Supervision Received

  • Reports to the Director, Asset Replacement and Improvements. Works independently within broad directives and guidelines and general terms of reference, with work subject to general review.

Supervision Given

Plans, manages, oversees, reviews, and monitors work of staff, committees, contractors, and consultants for compliance with UBC Building Operations and University goals, objectives and procedures. Provides technical direction and guidance to UBC staff and consultants/contractors to ensure that projects and improvement initiatives are completed successfully. Monitors progress of projects and reports and leads activities to ensure that deadlines are met. Supervises professional staff that include the Records & Technical Services Assistant and may include several special project-specific resource tradespeople.

Consequence of Error/Judgement

As the technical expert on architectural systems, this role has significant influence on equipment choices, construction and commissioning of architectural systems and the planned operations and maintenance programs to ensure total lowest cost of ownership and proper performance of the systems.

Decisions resulting in error may result in:

  1. Poor asset design and poor construction and commissioning can lead to failure of research, disruption of teaching spaces and additional costs to the university.
  2. Poor handover and poor understanding of assets or systems create operational inefficiencies and premature asset wear creating significant financial liabilities for the UBC campus
  3. Compromising the safety of University staff as well as the University community up to and including death.


  • Undergraduate degree in a relevant discipline.
  • Eligibility for membership in a professional institute or association.
  • P.Eng. with significant architectural/building envelope and systems experience (preferred) or architect education.
  • A minimum of 8 years of experience  in related architectural and planning experience including experience with major construction or renovation projects or the equivalent combination of education and experience.
  • Must have the above-mentioned years of experience in the architectural field in at least one of the following (preference will be given to those with a combination of at least two):
    • A consulting business with emphasis on industrial and large institutional buildings.
    • An architectural office of a large municipality.
    • At the professional level of a Canadian architectural construction firm.
  • Professional designation in Project Management would be an advantage.
  • Proven track record of initiating and completing successful projects and continuous improvements.
  • Experience in developing feasibility studies, business cases.
  • Experience in assessing needs, developing plans, organizing, managing, monitoring, completing, and evaluating projects and business improvements within allocated time, budget and resources.
  • Must have experience in dealing with customers as it relates to projects that affect their work environment, as well as dealing with union representatives and conflict resolution situations.
  • Experience with MS Office suite of applications, asset management software, and architecturally-related analytical and forecasting software.
  • Ability to analyze and interpret a wide variety of building-assembly distress and/or breakdown situations.
  • Ability to write technical reports and develop data gathering methodologies and schedules.
  • Ability to convey concepts to diverse groups and obtain consensus.
  • The ability to actively listen, learn, help, and lead staff and customers towards a common goal is essential.
  • A high degree of analytical skill is required including the ability to analyze and draw conclusions and action plans from financial reports.
  • Must be imaginative in the approach to make modifications to existing systems that will project the decided results.
  • Contract interpretation and negotiation skills, tact, diplomacy and the ability to cooperate, as a member of a team is essential.
  • Exceptional interpersonal, oral and written communication skills as well as conflict resolution and mediation skills.