Technical Leaders (Gas and Electrical)

Company: Technical Safety BC
Location: Flexible (within the Province), British Columbia

Our Technical Programs Department is hiring Technical Leaders in the gas and electrical Technology.

Technical Leaders plan, develop, implement, and co-ordinate comprehensive, cross technology programs, codes, standards, and policies that are aligned with the strategy of the Technical Programs Department. The role also provides key advisory support to Technical Programs Manager.

Status: Regular, Full Time, Excluded
Reports to: Technical Program Manager, Energy
Location: Flexible, Within BC
Number of Positions: 2 ( 1 Technical Leader, Gas and 1 Technical Leader, Electrical)

Principal Accountabilities:

Provide strategic technical program advice and decision support to the Technical Programs Manager, by:

  • Developing and implementing Safety Orders, Directives, Information Bulletins, and technical standard operating procedures/policies;
  • Identifying opportunities and developing regulatory amendments to maintain accuracy and relevance of regulations in partnership with Policy. Recommending changes to existing policy to align with strategic direction of the business, including policies on approving certifications or licenses;
  • Managing and advancing the technical oversight model through planning program initiatives across technologies;
  • Acting in a confidential planning and advisory position to the Technical Programs Manager with respect to program needs, resourcing, and management and mentorship of Senior Safety Officers;
  • Establish licensing, certification, and permitting requirements;
  • Establish criteria and requirements for approval and auditing of safety management plans, maintenance control plans, and regulatory compliance plans;
  • Conducting confidential investigations and interviews to create statutory decision recommendations for Safety Manager Reviews, Enforcement Actions, and management of Appeals;
  • Support the creation of status reports at regular intervals to ensure the Technical Programs Manager is informed of achievements including management of program priorities and resources;
  • Manage and advise on sensitive internal employee and external client documents and information. Make recommendations to the Technical Programs Manager to provide feedback on performance of internal employees and conduct confidential investigations from audit findings.
  • Conduct technology research and investigation to support the development of operational policies, alternative safety approaches, standards, business processes, and programs management including:
    • Conducting environmental scans to flag technical safety risks; and
    • Analyzing risk management findings and making recommendations to the Technical Programs Manager, regarding emerging issues and risks.
  • Work with internal and external stakeholders to include:
    • Liaising with Leader of Incident Investigation to provide technical regulatory advice and to incorporate the investigation learnings into the technology programs and policies;
    • Providing technical advice to various stakeholders regarding standards interpretation, licensing, and certification standards to ensure consistent decisions and rulings;
    • Engaging with clients and stakeholders on technical issues, code updates, procedures, and processes to ensure a consistent message is disseminated to the public;
    • Liaising with standards and accreditation bodies regarding equipment certification problems and faulty equipment elimination;
    • Representing Technical Safety BC at National Code and Standards Committees and act as part of Technical Advisory committees, including leading focus groups; and
    • Collaborating with other regulatory agencies and jurisdictions to identify opportunities for consistency and sharing of knowledge to advance programs.
  • Maintain industry knowledge, skills, and expertise, and inform key stakeholders of insights and developments;
  • Set requirements for certification and licensing, and support auditing this requirement. Provide recommendations to the Manager, Energy on audit findings;
  • Present to the Board of Directors and Executive on technology safety risks and mitigation strategies; and
  • Sign confidentiality agreements for request for amendment.

Knowledge, Skills, and Experience:

  • Requires an undergraduate degree in a related discipline or equivalent, supplemented by experience in subjects related to design and/or operation, practical field experience working on electrical, gas, or boiler systems and refrigeration systems;
  • Eng designation preferred;
  • Project Management Experience, PMP preferred;
  • Minimum 7 years’ experience providing technical guidance and direction;
  • Ability and experience in the application of the Safety Standards Act, other relevant acts, regulations, legislation, codes, and standards;
  • Excellent, broad audience communication skills, including presentation development and delivery, written and oral communication, and public speaking. This includes the ability to present to employees, clients, stakeholders, and the general public;
  • Experience leading employees and team leadership approaches;
  • Ability to organize and lead employees through engagement and inspiration to translate the business strategy into executable, tactical plans;
  • Ability to exercise good judgement and critical thinking when adjudicating Safety Manager Reviews, managing complex enforcement files, and planning strategy for Appeals and other investigation processes; and
  • Strong technical skills using Microsoft Office Suite, including Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Microsoft Projects.

To apply, visit:
Closing Date: August 28, 2019