Engineering and Geoscience Labour Market Study

In 2015, Engineers and Geoscientists British Columbia (formerly APEGBC) partnered with the Association of Consulting Engineering Companies British Columbia, the Applied Science Technologists and Technicians of British Columbia, and the Asia Pacific Gateway Skills Table to conduct a labour market study on the engineering and geoscience professions.

This Labour Market study produced detailed and validated information on anticipated future labour needs, trends, and gaps within the engineering and geoscience sectors, including a 10-year regional outlook for 31 occupations across five regions of BC. The project’s results indicate both a growing demand for and a limited supply of trained engineers, geoscientists, technologists and technicians over the next decade.

This study projects approximately 31,150 job openings in BC from 2014 – 2024 and that supply may lag demand by as much as 10% from 2014 – 2019.

Engineering/Geoscience Job Openings 


Job Openings

Job Openings

Total Job Openings

Lower Mainland 15,038 10,239 25,277
North 344 291 635
Southeast 1,427 1,013 2,440
Island Coast
1,568 1,216 2,784
BC Total 18,398 12,749 31,147

It is projected that by 2024, 52% of these openings will be filled by new graduates, 40% by new immigrants, 1% by inter-provincial mobility and 7% by inter-occupational mobility.  


New Entrants


Inter provincial & interregional


Lower Mainland 12,047 11,887 -1,278 2,046
North 569 -1 37 -3
Southeast 1,531 62 792 -16
Vancouver Island Coast 1,653 66 819 165
BC Total 15,812 12,059 393 2186

Analysis of three economic investment scenarios uncovers similar tight labour-market trends, with labour shortages anticipated in several key occupations in BC’s north and southeast regions, and some prolonged shortages in the north. Southeast and Northern BC are expected to experience the greatest labour tightness due to small populations and billions of dollars in anticipated resource projects.

Follow-up Study

Engineers and Geoscientists BC has worked with the Asia Pacific Gateway Skills Table, the Applied Science Technologists and Technicians of British Columbia (ASTTBC), and the Association of Consulting Engineering Companies, British Columbia (ACEC-BC) on a follow-up study to the Engineers, Geoscientists, Technologists and Technicians Labour Market Information study. This study “Digging Deeper” focused on four key areas, which included understanding how occupations were dispersed across the different disciplines, how the EGTT occupations worked together in teams, and how new entrants enter the workforce. The study also explored the extent to which BC expertise is exported to support projects around the world and is valued here at home.

View the follow-up study 

More Information

Labour Market Study Summaries

Regional Breakdown

Occupational Breakdown

Full Listing of Reports

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