Professional Development Recording Centre

Engineers and Geoscientists British Columbia has developed a voluntary Professional Development Recording Centre that allows registrants to track their own professional development hours. Registrants are encouraged to enter their professional development activities in this useful online tool. This secure program allows you to record your professional development hours and generate reports based on specific criteria.

This video will walk you through how to enter your activities and log your hours in the CPD Recording Center, as well as how to declare your compliance.

Video produced by EXL Films | Vancouver Video Productions

By entering your data, you will have easy access to a record of your professional development activities. This data will always be available to you. Alternatively, registrants may generate their own forms for maintaining records of their professional development activities.

The Professional Development Recording Centre provides registrants with a convenient, online, and secure place to track their professional development hours. Specifically, it:

  • Allows registrants to record and classify professional development activities into the 6 eligible categories.
  • Allows earned professional development hours to be claimed in the year earned or carried forward to future reporting years.
  • Assists by tracking the limits associated with the amount of professional development hours a registrant may claim, per category, per calendar year—displaying the remaining available hours left to be claimed when entering professional development activities.
  • Automatically tracks professional development hours accrued by registrants for taking Engineers and Geoscientists BC seminars. Completed seminars will automatically appear in the registrant's Online Recording Centre—hereby reducing data entry and making it easier to track professional development activities.
  • Allows registrants to manage their activities by providing functions to report on and export activities. Exports are in Microsoft Excel format, allowing registrants to easily modify the data to meet reporting requirements of other jurisdictions and professional bodies.

Access the Professional Development Recording Centre