Voter Turnout by Branch

To provide members with more insight into voter participation, voter turnout by branch will be made available periodically throughout the voting period. Watch this page for updates as they become available.

Branch Voter Turnout (%)
2016 2017
Burnaby/New Westminster 26.90 22.01
Central Interior 23.00 26.15
East Kootenay 14.02 15.02
Fraser Valley 23.97 20.13
Northern 18.03 19.59
Okanagan 21.44 21.50
Peace River 22.31 25.34
Richmond/Delta 23.43 18.95
Sea-to-Sky 20.65 18.45
South Central 16.74 16.56
Tri-City 23.14 21.04
Vancouver 20.05 18.08
Vancouver Island 18.76 18.49
Victoria 23.05 21.41
West Kootenay 16.25 20.74
Out Of Province/Not Assigned 11.08 9.77
Total  19.28 17.37

Why are we Publishing Voter Turnout?

At the 2016 Annual General Meeting, a member motion was brought forward requesting that Council consider reporting the results of membership voting by branch. Council approved publishing voter turnout by branch periodically during the election period as a pilot for the 2017/2018 election.

Publishing voter turnout provides greater awareness as to which regions participate more actively in the voting process and may contribute to an increase in voter participation.

The online ballot is conducted using a third-party system. The two-tier balloting system used ensures anonymity of a vote. The association has no visibility into how a member voted. The association only has the ability to know which members have completed a ballot. Therefore, while reporting voter turnout by branch is possible, reporting how members voted by branch is not possible.


Publishing voter turnout by branch is being piloted this year. If you have any feedback on publishing voter turnout by branch, we would like to hear from you. Please send your feedback to [email protected].