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D.J. (Donald) Flintoff, P.Eng. | Richmond, BC

This candidate has been nominated by 25 members of the Association.


  1. Professional Reliance Report Recommendations Target Governance, Regulatory Review;
  2. Council Approves 9% Membership Fee Increase;
  3. Life Membership Proposed Bylaw Changes;
  4. Transparency & Accountability;
  5. The 2/3 Majority Issue;
  6. Gag Rules- 2017 AGM
  7. Continuing with Gag Rules at 2018 AGM
  8. Obfuscate "No Votes" at Council
  9. The Practice Review Program; and
  10. The Future.

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(EGBC has a 400 word limitation for Councillor statements including Statement Section, Education, Professional History, Engineers and Geoscientists BC Activities, Related Professional Activities, Community Involvement, Awards and Honours and Web Link)


B.A.Sc., (Electrical Engineering), University of Toronto, 1970

Professional History

Senior Electrical Regulatory Analyst, BC Utilities Commission, 2007–2015
Electrical Superintendent, Simon Fraser University, 2004–2007
Manager of Engineering and Estimating, Enmax Services, 2002–2003
Various Positions (Project Manager, Project Engineer, Electrical Engineer, Chief Electrical
Engineer, Shareholder, and Director) in various consulting firms, 1970–2002

Engineers and Geoscientists BC Activities

Presidential Candidate, 2017
Councillor Candidate, 2012

Related Professional Activities

Field Safety Representative (FSR) Class A, Technical Safety BC, 1982–present
Numerous courses on safety and technical issues, 1970–2002

Community Involvement

Director, Thompson Community Association, 2017–present
Member, Richmond Taxpayer Alliance, 2016–present
Warden, Camp 5 –Iron Ring Ceremony, 2008–present
Chair, Facilities and Parks Committee, Thompson Community Association, 2018
Chair, Constitutions and Bylaws Committee, Thompson Community Association, 2018
Richmond Representative, YVR Aeronautical Noise Management Committee, 2013–2014
President, Richmond Centre, Provincial Riding Association, 1991–1995
Advisory Planning Commission, City of Richmond, 1980s

Awards and Honours

Life Member, APEGBC, 2017


Q&A with Candidates

Engineers and Geoscientists BC is the regulatory authority charged with protecting the public interest with respect to the practice of engineering and geoscience in the province of BC. What is the key challenge facing Engineers and Geoscientists BC?

Demonstrating to the government that the Association is capable of protecting the public interest by ensuring our members are capable of delivering a quality product that protects the public interest. This may cause us to “raise the bar” for admittance as a member; and abandon other pursuits to address this challenge.

What are the key issues facing the engineering and/or geoscience professions?

The government perception that another layer of oversight is necessary to ensure the Association protects the public interest. The attempts by Council and staff to suppress dissent and stifle the voice of the members at the AGM by continuing to introduce motions that have already been defeated by the members can be referred to as “The Gag Rules”.

Looking five years ahead, what is your vision for Engineers and Geoscientists BC as a professional regulatory body in BC?

Considering the Report above, our ability to remain a self-regulating Association is at risk. Looking ahead, sadly, we may have to adopt a year 2000 Ontario solution of separating the regulatory and advocacy functions into two distinct organizations. There may be a need to create a BC Society of Engineers and Geoscientists that would be directly advocating our interests with government and industry. While this is not my preferred path, it may become a necessary path to take as the current Association moves to a more regulatory role under government influence. This may seem somewhat futuristic but keep in mind the Report states, “Ensuring that professional organization duties and objects are focused on regulation of the profession and the public interest, and do not include advocacy or representation of member interests;”

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