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P.B.P. (Philippe) Kruchten, P.Eng., FEC | Vancouver, BC

This candidate has been nominated by the Nominating Committee.

It would be my privilege to serve our membership again as a councillor. The experience of being a councillor has been very enlightening and fulfilling.

While advocacy for the profession, building a better image of engineering for the public, defining a new logo for the association, working with Victoria and Ottawa for policy changes and a revised Engineer Act, are all laudable goals or initiatives, our Council should not lose sight of the main mission of the Association, which is to register (i.e., to license) qualified individuals. Our licensing process should not be relegated to a back seat, some humming noise in the background. The introduction of the competency reporting system has been a great progress in this area, but more need to be accomplished to make it effective, efficient, and fairer for candidates. At the same time, I am not in favour of following the path of some other provinces and breaking out the pure regulatory function into a separate entity. This issue can be addressed under a single umbrella by proper governance and resource allocations, and hopefully without a change in the “act”.

I can contribute to our next council my 18 years of experience with the registration process in various roles and capacities –in more recent years as chair of the registration committee-- and my experience of two terms in council.


Doctorat de l’Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Télécommunications, France, 1986
Diplôme d’ingénieur en mécanique, Ecole Centrale de Lyon, France, 1975

Professional History

Professor of Software Engineering, UBC, 2004–present
Software Engineering Consultant, Rational Software (then IBM), 1987–2003
Software Engineer, Alcatel Business Systems, 1979–1987

Engineers and Geoscientists BC Activities

Member, Registration Committee, 2005–present (Chair, 2006–2009, 2017–present)
Member, Board of Examiners, 2004–present (Chair, 2010–present)
Registration Interviewer, 2000–present
Member of Council, 2005–2009
Member, Software Engineering Task Force, 1999–2001

Related Professional Activities

Member, Technical Committee on Software Engineering, IEEE, 2018–present
Co-founder and Member, IFIP WG2.10 on Software Architecture, 1999–present (Chair, 2014–2018)
Treasurer, Canada Chapter of INCOSE, 1997–present

Community Involvement

Member, Selection Committee, Manning Innovation Awards, 2013–present
Member, Vancouver Angel Technology Network, 2013–present
Board Member and Webmaster, Whiff of Grape Vancouver, 2000–present


Q&A with Candidates

Engineers and Geoscientists BC is the regulatory authority charged with protecting the public interest with respect to the practice of engineering and geoscience in the province of BC. What is the key challenge facing Engineers and Geoscientists BC?

Losing track of the main mission and become distracted by indeed useful and laudable initiatives that are not strictly related to the main mission.

What are the key issues facing the engineering and/or geoscience professions?

  1. The apparition of new “emerging” disciplines, far from the traditional core triplet (Civil, Mechanical, Electrical), which do use or not the word “engineering”, and which pose challenges in regulation (should they be regulated?), and licensing (how do we assess education and experience?). Combined with a lack of direction from government (provincial and federal) on how to deal with these new disciplines may lead to diverse treatment across the country. For example, what to do with “genetic engineering”? Is it engineering, does it put the public at risk?
  2. Revision of the Engineer Act has been with our provincial legislature has been the goal of every council that I can remember, and is still prominent in the 2017-2020 vision. How can we make real progress?

Looking five years ahead, what is your vision for Engineers and Geoscientists BC as a professional regulatory body in BC?

That it be an effective regulatory body, and not primarily an advocacy body. That it comes to grips with new forms of engineering. That the BC Engineer act be updated.

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