Vice Presidential Candidate

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D.I. (David) Harvey, P.Eng., Struct.Eng., FEC | Richmond, BC



I feel very privileged to be nominated as a candidate for Vice President. I am indeed grateful for this exciting opportunity to serve the Engineers and Geoscientists BC membership in a new capacity. If elected, I commit to serving the public interest and promoting the interests of our Association’s members and licensees. Serving on the Registration Committee, I have worked on developing programs for assisting foreign-trained professionals and minorities to achieve Association membership. I have seen the value and enrichment that this innovative regulatory change has brought to engineering and geoscience. I will continue to help develop new programs to facilitate access to our professions and help them thrive in a modern world.

Engineers and Geoscientists BC is currently working with government to develop our future regulatory framework. It is critical that the new regulations enhance our ability to achieve our Association’s public protection mandate without imposing unnecessary administrative burdens. My aim will be to test and scrutinize proposed changes to ensure effective and fair implementation. I am committed to maintaining high practice standards and will continue engagement with our membership regarding regulatory development.

I am conscious that we need to find better ways to promote awareness of the many issues that face our professions. In my opinion, our regulatory approach needs to reflect the way we currently practice. We are fortunate in having an ongoing, productive relationship with government, which views Engineers and Geoscientists BC as a trusted partner in the delivery of government initiatives. This is an important relationship that places engineers and geoscientists in a key societal role, protects our professional standing, and underpins the high degree of respect shown to both professions by the public. We will build productively on our dialogue with both government and industry.

To strengthen the high regard that the public has for professional engineers and geoscientists, it is vital to promote our professions, and the value that engineering and geoscience bring to society. We should, therefore, focus on our achievements, and celebrate the contribution we make to the wellbeing of our fellow citizens. Kindly consider my election platform – I look forward to receiving your support.


M.Sc. (Civil Engineering), University of Bristol, 1982
B.Sc. (Civil Engineering), University of Bristol, 1969

Professional History

Structural Specialist, Associated Engineering, 1982–present

Engineers and Geoscientists BC Activities

Member, Registration Committee, 2013–present (Chair, 2014–2016)
Member, Structural Qualifications Board, 2001–present
Member, Standing Awards Committee, 2012–2018
Member of Council, 2013–2016
Member, Executive Committee, 2014–2015
Member, Continuing Professional Development Committee, 2002–2012 (Chair, 2008–2012)

Related Professional Activities

Member of Council, Institution of Structural Engineers, 2002–2011, 2017–present (President, 2006–2007)
 Director, Structural Engineers Association of BC, 2008–present (President, 2016–present)
Member, Structural Awards Panel, Institution of Structural Engineers, 2006–2011
Member, Executive Board, Institution of Structural Engineers, 2005–2010

Community Involvement

Member, Pacific Spirit Chamber Choir, 2017–present
Member, Early Music Vancouver Society, 2015–present
Member, United Voices Choir, 2015–present
Member, Vancouver Chamber Choir Society, 2015–present
Member, Vancouver Recital Society, 2007–present
Member of Council, Dunbar Heights United Church, 2015–2016

Awards and Honours

R.A. McLachlan Memorial Award, APEGBC, 2009
Professional Service Award, APEGBC, 2002

Q&A with Candidates

Engineers and Geoscientists BC is the regulatory authority charged with protecting the public interest with respect to the practice of engineering and geoscience in the province of BC. What is the key challenge facing the association?

In my opinion, our Association’s most critical challenge is to be viewed as always acting in the public interest. At a time when governments are taking action when professions are perceived to be putting their own interests first, keeping professional regulation within the control of the members must be our first priority.

What are the key issues facing the engineering and/or geoscience professions?

BC’s engineers and geoscientists are a talented, well-qualified group of professionals that serve the public well. We are fortunate to enjoy the privilege of self-regulation. Key current issues our professions face are:

  • Maintaining standards as our senior professionals move towards retirement
  • Adapting to demands made on professionals by the constantly developing international marketplace
  • Updating regulatory requirements to accommodate the increasing delivery of engineering and geoscience through very large corporations that are often based outside of Canada.

Looking five years ahead, what is your vision for Engineers and Geoscientists BC as a professional regulatory body in BC?

I am confident that Engineers and Geoscientists BC will build on its established position as a leading progressive regulator of professional engineers and geoscientists in Canada. I envisage ongoing operational improvements, continued strong leadership, and enhanced member services. I expect to see greater public protection, stronger professional advocacy, and better recognition by the public of the contribution of engineering and geoscience.

For Council to achieve its goals and meet its fiduciary responsibilities, Council has identified the need for diverse voices on Council, with a blend of the following skills and competences: leadership, financial literacy, risk management, human resources, strategy, regulatory understanding, governance and technical proficiency. Please highlight the areas of strength you bring to the role.
To meet its leadership and management obligations, Council has identified important competencies for councillors to possess. I have served three years on Council and for more than a decade on the executive boards of other professional bodies, which has given me good experience in all aspects of professional governance and full familiarity with governance skills.
Others have spoken of my enthusiasm for my chosen profession when in a leadership role. I have also heard comments on my ability to work with other members of a team to achieve the desired outcomes. Serving in a leadership role my passion for my chosen profession comes through. I will draw upon these strengths and my experience in professional governance to serve Engineers and Geoscientists BC to the best of my ability.

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