December 2017

Surface Drainage and Sewage Systems

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Date: Monday, December 11, 2017
Time: 8:00 AM-8:30 AM: Registration and Continental Breakfast
8:30 AM-5:00 PM: Surface Drainage and Sewage Systems Seminar
Location: The Hilton Vancouver Metrotown (Lalique Room), 6083 McKay Avenue Burnaby, BC
Presenter: Dr. Bahman Naser, P.Eng.,
Okanagan School of Engineering, University of British Columbia

Kamran Ghavami, P.Eng.

Roger Stilwell, P.Eng.
Credit: 7.5 Formal Professional Development Hours (PDH)
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A major portion of a municipality's operational costs/expenses are associated to its sanitary sewers and storm water collection systems. A more reasonable way to avoid or lower such expenses is to pay greater attention to them during the design phase. This seminar is intended for those who require better understanding of sewage and drainage systems. Furthermore, the seminar will highlight the challenges for the design and operation of surface drainage and sewage systems and will explore possible solutions.

Seminar Outline

The course considers principles of mass, momentum, and energy conservation. Depending on the audience interest, a range of specialized topics will be explored toward the end of the course in order to demonstrate how the principles manifest themselves and are implemented in sewage and drainage systems. More clearly, the following topics will be explored in details:

  • Introductory materials.
  • Mass, energy, and momentum principles.
  • Modeling engineering systems.
  • Hydraulics of sewage and drainage systems:
    • Steady–state flows;
    • Uniform flows;
    • Nonuniform flows; and
    • Unsteady-state flows.
  • Wastewater Collection Systems:
    • Sanitary systems; and
    • Storm water collection systems.
  • Urban Hydrology
    • Flows of sewage and drainage systems
    • Urban hydrology
  • Design of sewage and drainage systems
    • Criteria; and
    • Loads on pipes.
  • Systems optimization.
  • Case Studies: The seminar will also expose a few real-life case studies and their challenges and difficulties.

Seminar Objectives

The main objectives of this course are to build on the audiences’ background and experiences:

  • An understanding of engineering of hydraulic systems;
  • Developing skills in advanced mathematical modeling of surface drainage and sewage systems;
  • Incorporating these analytical attributes into planning and design of such systems; and
  • Employing representative examples and cases.


The course is geared to senior-level undergraduates, entry-level graduate students, and/or in-practice engineers who have some background in fluid mechanics, hydrology, river engineering, geomorphology, water resources science, or geotechnical engineering.


Dr. Bahman Naser, P.Eng.
Okanagan School of Engineering, University of British Columbia

Dr. Bahman Naser is currently an assistant professor in the Okanagan School of Engineering at the University of British Columbia. His research interest is in the area of environmental fluid dynamics and water resources engineering. He graduated from the University of Toronto with a PhD in civil engineering in the area of water resources. His PhD research was focused on developing two-dimensional and multi-component computer models to guide the planning and design of a drinking water distribution system from both hydraulics and water quality points of views. After earning his PhD, he spent about two years as a postdoctoral fellow in affiliation with the University of Toronto. During this time, he began to expand his research area into energy efficient systems and sustainable design through his collaboration with the Division of Environmental Engineering and Energy Systems. For his Master thesis, he was looking at sediment transport mechanisms in open channels and rivers. Sedimentation process was coupled with a two-dimensional hydraulic model through a novel numerical scheme. He has had the opportunity to work in the consulting industry and also to instruct courses in academia for a number of years before undertaking his PhD. He is a professional engineer licensed in the province of British Columbia.

Kamran Ghavami, P.Eng.

Kamran Ghavami is a senior Civil/Hydrotechnical Engineer with more than 25 years of experience in hydraulic engineering field. Key points about him:

  • B.Sc. in civil/structural engineering and M.Sc. in hydrotechnical field.
  • Experienced in layout planning, preliminary to detail design stages, and supervision of construction in a wide variety of small and large projects, including dam engineering, river engineering, flood control, run of river hydro power, storm water systems, and water resources management.
  • Worked as a Project Manager, team lead, and as a team member in multi discipline projects.
  • Extensive experience in modelling and numerical analysis of hydraulic structures.
  • Supervised several hydraulic physical models to verify the design as well-prepared specification for physical hydraulic models.
  • Registered Professional Engineer in Engineers and Geoscientists BC.

Roger Stilwell, P.Eng.

Roger Stilwell has 50 years of experience mainly in structural engineering, hydroelectric, and water resources engineering. He has held senior design and management positions in planning, design, and construction of civil engineering projects in Canada and overseas. Recently his experience has been in large and small hydroelectric projects and dam safety. He has also worked in municipal engineering (water supply and sewage system upgrades) flood control, irrigation, industrial, and bridge structure projects. Mr. Stilwell has a master’s degree for research into the structural analysis of arch dams. He has also participated in project financial and economic evaluation assignments.

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