February 2017

Climate Change and Sustainability: Its Relevance to Society

Organized by the APEGBC Victoria Branch, Climate Change Advisory Group and Sustainability Committee

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Date: Tuesday, February 21, 2017
Time: 6:30 PM – 9:00 PM
Location: Rainbow Room - CFB Esquimalt, Chief's and PO's Mess, 1575 Lyall Street, Victoria, BC
Presenter: Bob McDonald,
Science Journalist

Trevor Murdock,
Pacific Climate Impacts Consortium (PCIC)

Mike Wei, P.Eng.,
BC Ministry of Environment 

Dr. Chris Kennedy, P.Eng.,
Chair of Civil Engineering, University of Victoria

Bob Haugen,
Solar City

Eric Morris P.Eng. and Dave Murray, P.Eng.,
Kerr Wood Leidal
Credit: 2 Formal Professional Development Hours (PDH)
Cost: $10.00 + GST = $10.50
Contact: APEGBC Victoria
[email protected]
Important Dates: Please register by February 20, 2017.
The Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of BC, the Climate Change Advisory Group, and the Sustainability Committee work closely to provide expert advice on environmental and energy-related matters, and consider the impacts of climate change. They have developed professional practice guidelines to ensure climate resilience is incorporated in engineering design, developed sustainability guidelines, and building energy modelling guidelines.

The APEGBC Victoria Branch is organizing a seminar on the climate change and sustainability and its relevance to society. The MC will do an introductory talk and introduce the audience to the panelists. Then each panelist will present a brief 10 minute presentation followed by an extended question period that is open to all audience members.

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Bob McDonald,
Science Journalist

Bob-McDonald-(4).jpgBob McDonald is a Canadian author, science journalist, and the national science commentator. He is also the host of the weekly radio science show, Quirks & Quarks. From 1986 to 1992 he was host and producer of Wonderstruck, and was given the Gemini Award in October 2008 for his work on TVOntario series Heads Up!. McDonald has written four books including Wonderstruck, Wonderstruck II,  Measuring the Earth with a Stick and Canadian Spacewalkers. He holds nine Honourary Doctorates and is an officer of the Order of Canada.

Trevor Murdock,
Pacific Climate Impacts Consortium

Trevor-Murdock-(1).jpg Trevor Murdock is a climate scientist with an undergraduate degree in Physics and Astronomy and an MSc in Earth and Ocean Sciences from UVic. Trevor currently leads the Regional Climate Impacts Theme at PCIC. He has worked on applications of climate research to assist decision-making and planning, focusing on climate scenarios and online mapping tools, downscaling to high resolution, analysis of historical climate data, and the improvement of seasonal climate predictions.

Mike Wei, P.Eng.,
BC Ministry of Environment

Mike-Wei.jpgAs a physical hydrogeologist, Mike Wei, P. Eng. has over 30 years of professional experience successfully working with a variety of government agencies, regional health authorities, industry, and academia on groundwater resource management projects in BC. Mike has also been the provincial government technical expert in developing and implementing groundwater legislation, including the Water Sustainability Act, as well as the Water Sustainability Regulation and Groundwater Protection Regulation, regulations under the Act.

Dr. Chris Kennedy, P.Eng.,
University of Victoria

Chris-Kennedy-(1).jpgChris Kennedy is Chair of the new Department of Civil Engineering at the University of Victoria. He conducts research on sustainable cities, urban metabolism, and the industrial ecology of sustainable global infrastructure systems. Holding qualifications in civil engineering, economics, and business, Chris has conducted work on sustainable infrastructure and cities for clients including: governments of Canada, China, Saudi Arabia, UAE, and the UK, as well as the World Bank, Ontario Ministry of Finance, and others. Chris has been a visiting professor at Oxford University and ETH Zürich. He is President of the International Society for Industrial Ecology, and author of The Evolution of Great World Cities: Urban Wealth and Economic Growth.

Bob Haugen,
Solar City

Bob-Haugen-(2).jpgBob Haugen is the Executive Director of The Canadian Solar Cities Project, a Canadian registered non-profit corporation dedicated to identifying and recognizing sustainable Canadian communities. He holds a Master’s Degree from Royal Roads University, and Bob served on the board of directors of Peace Energy Cooperative, the developers of the first wind farm in BC. He wrote a renewable energy certificate training program for Northern Lights College and spearheaded the building of Energy House, a 7 million dollar clean energy demonstration building on the Dawson Creek campus of Northern Lights College. The Energy House technologies include solar photovoltaic, solar thermal, geo exchange, biomass, wastewater treatment and recycling, and passive solar.

Eric Morris, P.Eng. and Dave Murray, P.Eng.
Kerr Wood Leidel

Eric-Morris-(1).pngEric Morris, is a senior hydro technical engineer with 15 years of experience in the consulting engineering industry working for municipal and industrial clients. He obtained his Master's Degree in Coastal and Ocean Engineering from UBC. Eric's diverse experience in both coastal and municipal infrastructure design has proved to be valuable in the growing field of coastal hazard analysis and analysis of the expected impacts of sea level rise.


Dave-Murrey.jpgDave Murray, P.Eng., Canadian Water Resources Association (CWRA) National President, is a water resources engineer with particular interest in flood hazard management. He has over 25 years of experience working with communities, planning and designing flood and erosion hazard management, stream restoration, and bioengineering. Dave is a strong advocate of risk based decision making by fully understanding the flood hazards, vulnerabilities, and consequences as opposed to standards based, one-size-fits solutions to flood hazard management. Dave became National President of CWRA after several years of developing one of western Canada’s prominent water resources groups where he is a principal and senior water resources engineer with Kerr Wood Leidal Consulting Engineers (KWL). 

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