April 2019

Becoming a Highly Effective Negotiator

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Date: Monday, April 8, 2019
Time: 8:00 AM-8:30 AM: Registration and Breakfast
8:30 AM-4:30 PM: Becoming a Highly Effective Negotiator
Location: Blue Horizon Hotel (Baker Arrowsmith Room), 1225 Robson Street Vancouver, BC
Presenter: Greg Campeau
Campeau Learning & Development Inc.
Credit: 7 Formal Professional Development Hours (PDH)
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Are you finding your customers, clients, employees, and/or employers increasingly demanding, wanting more for less? Do you ever feel that you are being taken advantage of? Are you currently being underpaid for your skill and expertise? Like it or not, we are all negotiators. The truth is that in both our professional and personal lives, we don't get what we deserve, we get what we negotiate. We all know that it is the give and take of negotiations that allows problems to be solved, decisions to be made, and needs to be satisfied, but we also all encounter people that have no intention of bargaining in good faith. So what can we do? Come learn a proven method that is not designed to win over your opponent, but rather to win your opponent over.

Target Audience

Anyone who negotiates with internal or external customers. Whether you are negotiating within on-going relationships or one-time deals, whether you are involved in formal negotiations or just looking to get your needs met more consistently, everyone and anyone will benefit from this powerful and practical learning experience.

Benefits of Attending

Achieving success in this increasingly interdependent workplace of the 21st century requires a new set of core competencies and the ability to negotiate effectively, to get your needs met while maintaining and even enhancing the quality of the relationship is at the top of the list. In this seminar you will learn a proven, practical, step-by-step approach to win-win negotiations and how to protect yourself from “hardball” negotiators.

Content Overview

  • Why negotiating skills are increasingly vital to ones success in the “free agent” information age.
  • The most common negotiating mistakes people make and how to avoid them.
  • The characteristics and competencies of highly effective negotiators.
  • The difference between Collaborative “win-win” and competitive “hardball” negotiations.
  • How to indentify what game you are playing and respond accordingly.
  • Key insights into the three key negotiating variables – power, information, and time.
  • Understanding the different sources of negotiating power.
  • Strategies and techniques to strengthen your bargaining position.
  • Creating and communicating distinctive value so you can maintain or even grow profit margins.
  • The crucial role that EQ (Emotional Intelligence) plays in ones negotiating effectiveness.
  • Four strategies on how to improve ones EQ.
  • The four types of people and how to best negotiate and communicate with each type.
  • How to build and sustain highly productive relationships.
  • Why compromise is seldom win – win and how to avoid “splitting the difference”.
  • Strategies to build trust and prevent or reduce conflict.
  • How to deal with aggressive or angry people.
  • How to create an open communication flow that allows you to deeply understand the other party.
  • The three part process to quickly and effectively plan and prepare for your negotiations.
  • How to determine your “walk-away point”.
  • How and when to make concessions.
  • A five step negotiating framework that produce the best possible outcomes for each party while enhancing the quality of the relationship.
  • When to make the first offer and when to say yes to the first offer.
  • Strategies and techniques to defend yourself against “hardball’ negotiators.
  • How to counter the most common manipulative strategies being used against you.
  • How to create outcomes that ensure the other party lives up to their end of the bargain.
  • Learning methods.
  • Personal assessment tools.
  • Group discussion exercises.
  • Case studies.
  • Personal application exercises.
  • Interactive lecture.


Greg Campeau is a learner and teacher of timeless leadership principles or truths that govern both personal and organizational effectiveness. Greg has delivered over 2,200 presentations and workshops throughout North America providing leadership strategies and solutions that support both personal and organizational success and stability in the “white water world” of the 21st Century. Since founding Campeau Learning in 1991, Greg has established a client list that is clearly a breed apart. His clients include: Finning Canada, Telus, the Canadian and U.S. Federal Governments, the NHL Coaches Association and KPMG. Concurrently, for the last 14 years, Greg has instructed courses at BCIT (British Columbia Institute of Technology) in the School of Business.

Prior to becoming a professional facilitator and keynote speaker, Greg obtained an Honors Bachelor of Commerce Degree from University of Windsor. Greg then went on to spend over 15 years in international packaged goods corporations, during which he achieved increasingly senior management positions while establishing an outstanding record of award winning success. Twice Greg led corporate regions from worst to first in terms of overall performance (market share, revenue, and profit growth). Greg’s broad and riveting appeal is rooted in his relevant, meaningful, thought-provoking, proven, and practical content, which is always delivered in an interactive, humorous, and inspirational style.

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