May 2020

Fundamentals of SCADA, IoT, and IT/OT Convergence

Status: The event is open
Date: Monday, May 11, 2020 - Tuesday, May 12, 2020
Time: 8:00 AM-8:30 AM: Registration and Continental Breakfast - Day 1 & 2
8:30 AM-4:30 PM: Fundamentals of SCADA, IoT, and IT/OT Convergence - Day 1 & 2
Location: Vancouver, BC
Credit: 14 Formal Professional Development Hours (PDH)
Cost: Early Bird Price Engineers and Geoscientists BC Member: Fundamentals of SCADA, IoT, and IT/OT Convergence - Day 1 & 2 : $879.00 + GST = $922.95 until Apr 27, 2020

Engineers and Geoscientists BC Member and EIT/GIT Regular Price: Fundamentals of SCADA, IoT, and IT/OT Convergence - Day 1 & 2: $979.00 + GST = $1027.95

Non-Member Price: Fundamentals of SCADA, IoT, and IT/OT Convergence - Day 1 & 2 : $979.00 + GST = $1027.95

Student Member Price: Fundamentals of SCADA, IoT, and IT/OT Convergence - Day 1 & 2 : $489.50 + GST = $513.98
Please Note: *A minimum number of registrations are needed by April 27, 2020 to proceed with this seminar. Please register early to avoid cancellation.
**All prices are subject to applicable taxes.
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Direct: 604.558.6653
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The advancement of Computer, Telecommunication and Internet technologies during the last twenty years has fundamentally shifted the focus of the expertise in Control Systems technologies. With a very limited systematic and focused training in place, Control Systems and Corporate enterprise IT personnel are facing numerous challenges to develop, select, utilize, and maintain reliable systems. The primary objective of this seminar is to allow various stakeholders of SCADA and Industrial IoT systems to learn more about the fundamentals of these technologies and how they can be integrated into the corporate IT networks.

Day 1

Introductury Seminar for SCADA, Industrial IoT, and IT/OT Convergence

Module 1: Fundamentals of SCADA
Module 2: SCADA in various energy industries
Module 3: Fundamentals of IoT (New)
Module 4: IoT in different Industries (New)
Module 5: Fundamentals of Information Technologies (New)

Day 2

Advanced Topics for SCADA, Industrial IoT, and IT/OT Convergence


In this seminar, you will learn about Telecommunications, Protocols, Data Presentation methods, Historians, Analytics and security for SCADA, IoT and their effect in the corporate IT environment.

Module 6: Telecommunication
Module 7: Data Access and Presentation
Module 8: Security (New)
Module 9: SCADA, IoT and IT/OT Convergence (New)

Who can benefit from this seminar?

This seminar provides more details on SCADA IoT and Corporate IT functions and discusses the challenges to converge these technologies within corporate networks. No SCADA, Automation or IT background is required for this Seminar. The following people may be interested in this Seminar:
  • Engineers and Technologists from various disciplines who work with SCADA and Control systems or have to work with Control experts
  • PLC Programmers
  • IT staff who have to manage or interface with SCADA or Control Systems
  • Operation supervisors and managers who manage people that use SCADA and Control Systems
  • Project Managers who work with projects that include SCADA systems
  • Corporate managers whose corporate depends on data collected generated from SCADA systems
  • Any corporate personal who directly or indirectly works with data that is being generated by SCADA systems and would like to have more access to data. The SCADA data includes: Production Data, Production Reports, Field Data Capture, Historians, and real-time data
  • Control Systems Software developers
  • University and college students and professors in engineering and computer science programs


Matt M. Eskandar, P.Eng., E.E.

President, MR Control Systems International Inc.

Matt Eskandar is the president of MR Control Systems International Inc. (www.mrcsi.com). Matt’s extensive experience in monitoring, control and automation projects worldwide has inspired him to develop a new generation of Monitoring and Control platforms that merges Industrial IoT with SCADA Systems. This new platform allows MR Controls to help companies build modern, advanced SCADA, IT/OT and industrial IoT solutions.
In 2012, Matt was instrumental in starting the Southern Alberta IEEE Control Systems and Instrumentation joint chapters. As a Chair and later vice-chair of the committee, Matt has helped this chapter to grow its audience to over 1000 professionals in Southern Alberta.
In 2017, Matt helped create the Alberta IoT Association. Matt currently serves as a Director on the Alberta IoT Board. The Alberta IoT Association is one of the fastest-growing associations in Canada.
Matt is an active member of APEGA, Engineers and Geoscientists BC, IEEE, and the Alberta IoT Association.


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