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Lithium Mining Technology

Hosted by the Victoria Branch

Friday, October 6, 2023
11:45AM - 1:00 PM PST
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Event Description

This presentation is a joint event hosted by the Victoria Branch and the Vancouver Island Engineering Society. E3 Lithium is a lithium resource and technology company in Alberta that aims to power the growing electrical revolution. E3 Lithium's combined resources are being developed on the backbone of the mature oil & gas industry that will allow the Company to accelerate its Lithium extraction development.

About the Event

Event details

E3 Lithium is a Calgary-based pre-production company who has developed a commercial plan that includes construction of wells and testing facilities to de-risk the commercial plant design. E3’s DLE ion-exchange technology uses a proprietary sorbent designed to be highly selective towards lithium ions to quickly and efficiently reduce large volumes of low-grade brine into a high-grade/low-impurity lithium concentrate in one step. This very clean product is used to create high purity lithium compounds. High purity lithium products for batteries, such as electric vehicles, are the fastest growing market for lithium products. E3 Lithium, working in partnership for the past 5 years with the University of Alberta and private labs, has built a facility in Calgary E3 that developed and optimized a highly lithium selective sorbent perfect for the extraction of lithium from their brines. This process selectively extracts lithium from saline formation water to produce a clean lithium product stream with low levels of unwanted ions. In 2022, E3 Lithium completed its inaugural drill program to confirm lithium concentrations and determine key reservoir parameters in the heart of their resource area. The Information gained from this program lead to an optimal well network location for the planned commercial facility. E3 Lithium’s Calgary-based testing facility utilizes in-house technical expertise to construct a DLE Prototype. This Prototype, operating continuously using brine from the Leduc Formation, will confirm design data and operating parameters for a larger DLE Pilot Plant. The DLE Pilot Plant will demonstrate the technology at scale at a wellhead under real-world conditions. The Pilot will be a major step towards de-risking E3’s project and proving commerciality of lithium production in Alberta.

Event Schedule

11:45AM – Event Welcome and Introduction
12:00PM – Presentation and Q&A period

Robin Boschman, MBA. Director, External Relations, E3 Lithium

Robin has more than 15 years of experience in external relations in the energy and utilities sectors. Her experience involves leading communications teams and strategies in private, public and global organizations spanning investor relations, media relations, crisis communications, financial communication, employee and stakeholder relations, marketing and PR and social investment. Robin has a Bachelor of Applied Communications in Public Relations degree from Mount Royal University and a Master of Business Administration from the University of Calgary. She has completed the Canadian Securities Course and the International Association for Public Participation’s Public Participation Certificate. Robin is also a Director of the Battery Metals Association of Canada.