British Columbia Institute of Technology: Energy Modelling and Solar Energy Courses

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Contact: Kerly Acosta Hitchcock, P.Eng., Mslts, Acting Program Head
Email:, Phone: 604.432.8697,
3700 Willingdon Avenue Burnaby, BC, V5G 3H2

Interested in learning about solar energy or energy modelling part-time?

Take a BCIT course on energy modelling online or at our downtown campus. Solar energy courses are offered at our Burnaby campus.

CESA 7100 - Energy Modelling for Building Professionals

January 30 – May 01, 2018

This course introduces the principles, procedures, and benefits of energy modelling to enable building professionals to efficiently incorporate energy modelling into the design process. This will include a review of building orientation, envelope design, space configurations and massing, opportunities to minimize the need for mechanical equipment (e.g., passive design and net-zero solutions), all complemented by a field trip to a building site. The lab portion of the course will include a “hands-on” introduction and comparison of a selection of leading modelling tools, their use, and how to improve accuracy in gauging the relationship between predictive modelling and building performance outcomes post-occupancy.

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CESA 0158 – Introduction to Solar Electricity

February 2–4, 2018

This weekend-long course introduces the equipment used to generate electricity from solar power, such as photovoltaic modules, batteries, inverters, and charge controllers. Participants will learn to identify various components, understand how the components interact and interpret manufacturers’ specifications. Design principles of stand-alone photovoltaic systems are explained and participants visit demonstrations of PV systems on the BCIT campus.

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CESA 0178 – Introduction to Solar Water Heating

February 17–18, 2018

This weekend-long course introduces solar water heating technology and its common applications including swimming pools, domestic hot water, and hydronic heating. Participants will be introduced to the main classes of solar collectors including glazed, unglazed, and evacuated tubes. They will be taught how to assess the solar resource at a particular site and understand how various siting issues may affect system performance. The course will review the most common types of systems and their components including performance estimates to enable appropriate sizing of systems. Participants will also learn installation basics and what decisions can help effectively implement common systems in today’s solar technology market.

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