When you send in your completed registration form in the fall, you will be given web access to the Math Challengers Past Competitions Archives, where there are materials you can use for both training and selecting your school teams. Your students will then meet teams from other schools at the regional competition held in February. The top teams from each region will advance to the March Provincial Finals to be held in the Lower Mainland. The number of teams advancing to the Provincials from a region is determined by the number of participating teams in that region. Each level of competition offers distinctive school and personal awards. Math Challengers coaching materials are unique for their emphasis on team-based problem-solving.

Please Note: The Normal Registration date is December 18, 2018 (Late fees apply after this date as described on the registration form).


Math Challengers is a volunteer organization. Coaches should come to the competitions prepared to invigilate (you may be asked to bring runners, volunteer your time or services).

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Fee amount: The registration fee amount will be finalized in the 2nd week of October each year, (approximately $50 per team plus a School entry fee of $30 and a fee of $30 for individuals). 

A school may register up to three teams in each of Grades 8, 9 and 10.  That is a maximum of nine teams per school.
To allow adequate coaching time, please register as early as possible.

This is the first fee increase in almost 10 years and reflects an attempt at  keeping the fees paid to cover 50%  of costs.  Donations currently cover more than half of costs . Donations to the Canadian Math challengers Society are very welcome. 

If a school is finding that the fees are onerous please discuss the situation with the registrar.

Early Bird Registration Deadline: December 18, 2018  (late fees apply after this date as described on the registration form).

"Please be sure to read the rules of Grade level Eligibility before registering your students"

Note the rules for individuals entering have been amended this year to make it easier for individuals to enter where a school is unable to field a team.

Fee Discount for questions Submitted

The question development team needs more questions!  

Teams will receive a $20 credit towards registration for 5 or more credible and original questions submitted to the registrar and approved by the VP Academic.

Questions must be original and must not have been used on any previous test.  The question development team will put the questions into a pool and they may appear in the current year or any subsequent year.  Anyone submitting 30 questions will earn the eternal gratitude of the executive, who will find some very nice reward for them.


Please use the Fillable  Registration form below to register your school teams or individuals
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