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Limited Licensees and Scopes of Practice

The Limited Licence is a professional licence, allowing an individual to practice engineering or geoscience within a clearly defined scope. Limited Licence holders are permitted to use the titles Engineering Licensee or Geoscience Licensee, which can be abbreviated to Eng.L. or Geo.L.. An individual who holds a Limited Licence can engage in the practice of professional engineering or professional geoscience in a manner consistent with the scope of their licence and according to the provisions of their licence.

A Licensee Must:

  • Include a copy of their licence with any proposal they make.
  • Provide a copy of their licence to the client at the commencement of any contract or work. (Note: Additional copies need not be submitted if subsequent work is with the same client)
  • Provide a copy of their licence to their employer (as applicable).
  • Immediately communicate changes in their status to all interested parties.

A person authorized to use the titles Engineering Licensee or Geoscience Licensee can issue letters of assurance provided that it is within the scope of their licence, a copy of the scope is included with the letter, and also providing that the authority requesting the letter finds it acceptable. These authorities have the sole discretion to decide if they will accept Letters of Assurance from a Licensee, not Engineers and Geoscientists BC.

Further, it is always incumbent upon a Licensee to ensure that all interested parties fully understand that they have a Limited Licence and a practice scope with limitations. If a Licensee ever suspects that a person believes them to be a professional engineer or professional geoscientist, this misconception must immediately be rectified. This principle of disclosure includes professional services categorized as 'informal advice' and services provided verbally, electronically, or by similar means.

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Last Name Given Name Designation Company Industry Status City
Driedger Guenter Eng.L. DRIEDGER TECHNICAL SERVICES See Licence Practising SURREY
Dulay Baldev Eng.L. MCELHANNEY CONSULTING SERVICES See Licence Practising Surrey
Falkins Douglas Eng.L. Associated Engineering (B.C.) Ltd. See Licence Practising Vancouver
Farrell Gerald Eng.L. FWD Engineering Ltd. See Licence Practising Burnaby
Farrell Stephen Eng.L. Acacia Engineering Ltd. See Licence Practising Calgary
Fawcett Andrew Eng.L. Brown Strachan Associates See Licence Practising Vancouver
Fedorova Alexandra Eng.L. UNIVERSITY OF BRITISH COLUMBIA See Licence Practising Vancouver
Ferguson Delbert P.Geo., Eng.L., FGC Aztec Geoscience Inc. Geology Practising Comox
Fingarson Bruce Eng.L. Automation West Technologies Ltd. See Licence Practising Surrey
Foley Daryl Eng.L. Group 10 Engineering Ltd. See Licence Practising Calgary
Foley Jacqueline Geo.L. Golder Associates Ltd. See Licence Practising Kelowna
Friele Pierre P.Geo., Eng.L. Cordilleran Geoscience Other Practising Squamish
Froese Richard Eng.L. Raintech Fire systems See Licence Practising Chilliwack
Fukumoto David Eng.L. BC Oil & Gas Commission See Licence Practising Kelowna
Fung Anthony Eng.L. Valard Construction Ltd. See Licence Practising Calgary
Gao Qi Eng.L. Dowco Technology Services Ltd. See Licence Practising Burnaby
Gardner Larry Eng.L. Regional District of Nanaimo See Licence Practising Nanaimo
Garriock Roberto Eng.L. Brookfield Global Integrated Solutions See Licence Practising Vancouver
Gayford Tyler Eng.L. Concept Engineering Inc. See Licence Practising Sherwood Park
Gildenstern Peter Eng.L. Intertek Group plc See Licence Practising Coquitlam
Gleeson Thomas Eng.L. University of Victoria See Licence Practising Victoria
Godwin Anthony Eng.L. Jensen Hughes Consulting Canada Ltd. See Licence Practising Richmond
Good Sean Eng.L. FALCON ENGINEERING See Licence Practising Kelowna
Graf Mark Eng.L. See Licence Practising Churchill
Guite Michael Eng.L. BC HYDRO See Licence Practising Burnaby
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