Post-Secondary Entrance Scholarship: Engineering Transfer

Please read the application guidelines and fill in the form below to apply for the 2018 Post-Secondary Entrance Transfer Scholarships.

Application Guidelines

The Engineers and Geoscientists BC Foundation is pleased to offer the Post-Secondary Entrance Transfer Scholarship to a BC secondary student entering an engineering transfer program at a Canadian college or university. The entrance scholarship, valued at $1,000, is awarded on the basis of a combination of factors including: academic standing, extracurricular activities, financial need, and responses to long-answer questions.

The successful candidate will be notified in September 2018. The scholarship will be paid directly to the college or university upon confirmation of registration.


Completed applications and letters of reference must be received by June 29, 2018.


Applicants must be graduating from a BC secondary school in 2018 and must be starting a post-secondary engineering transfer program in fall 2018.

Note that students entering four-year, full-time engineering degree programs are not eligbile for this scholarship.

Transcripts Deadline

After you complete all of your high school courses, you must submit your final official transcript to us. Interim transcripts or school report cards will not be accepted.

Use the StudentTranscript service to arrange for your transcript to be sent to us. When you order your transcript, make sure that it will be sent after you graduate. Please send transcripts to:

Engineers and Geoscientists BC Foundation
Attn.: Student Program Coordinator (University Entrance/Transfer Scholarship)
200 – 4010 Regent Street
Burnaby, BC V5C 6N2

Transcripts must be received by the Engineers and Geoscientists BC office by August 17, 2018.

Academic Requirements

You will be evaluated based on your grades in the following courses, as indicated on your transcript. If you do not have one of the required courses on your transcript, you must explain which course was used in its place for university entrance. This explanation should accompany the official transcript submission.

To be eligible for the Post-Secondary Entrance Transfer Scholarship, applicants must have completed the following subjects:

  • Mathematics or Pre-Calculus 12
  • Physics 12
  • Chemistry 12
  • English 12 or First Peoples 12

Important Notes:

  • Incomplete or late applications will not be considered.
  • Only applications submitted using this online form will be accepted. Emailed, faxed, or mailed applications will not be accepted, and
  • For assistance with this form, please email Andrea Michaud, Student Program Coordinator, or call 604.412.4860.
You are not able to save this form. It is recommended that you draft the answers to long answer questions in another program (e.g., Word) and paste into the spaces provided.

Section A: Applicant Information

Title: *
Are you entering a full-time engineering transfer program in the fall of 2018? *

Section B: Letters of Reference and Overall Written Quality of Application (15%)

Provide two letters of reference with your application. Note that relatives may not submit reference letters. Include the name and phone number of your references below so the adjudicators may contact if necessary.
Reference letters may come from:
  • A teacher, student counselor or principal who knows you and your achievements personally;
  • A member of Engineers and Geoscientists BC (Professional Engineer or Professional Geoscientist);
  • A prominent member of your community.
Attach the reference letters to this application package. Ensure the names and contact information in the form match the letters of reference.

Do not have reference letters mailed or emailed separately to this application. Only letters attached to this form will be considered.

Reference 1:


Reference 2:


Section C: Academics (25%)*

Please confirm that you have arranged with BC Student Transcripts to have a copy of your transcript sent after you graduate.

Section D: Extracurricular Activities (20%) *

In 750 words or less, describe in detail your involvement in school activities, sports, arts, employment, and/or community service. Please describe the activity, length of participation, position/nature of involvement, and how you demonstrated leadership.


Section E: Financial (15%) *

In two to three sentences, state what financial need motivates you to apply for this scholarship. In addition to this description, provide a budget plan that shows how you intend to fund your university education. This would include information on savings, employment, awards/bursaries and would compare major sources of revenue to your major expenses. The Financial Aid department of your school might have a tool to help you estimate costs while in school.


Section F: Student's Statement (25%) *

In 500 words or less, state why you chose to study engineering. Relate your views on how engineering impacts society. This is an important factor in selection.