Ads Put Spotlight on BC Engineers and Geoscientists

Posted on March 6, 2018
A series of ads is promoting brand recognition of Engineers and Geoscientists BC and shining a spotlight on its members: BC’s engineering and geoscience professionals. This is the third phase of an ad campaign that began in 2017 with the launch of the organization's new brand identity. This phase started in mid-February and will run through March, which is National Engineering and Geoscience Month.

The focus of the ad campaign is public safety, and it draws a strong connection between British Columbians’ everyday peace of mind and the work that engineers and geoscientists do to make this possible. 

Bearing the headline “We worry about your safety so you don’t have to,” each ad depicts a landmark, an activity, or a thing the public is familiar with, drawing attention to the strong underlying safety component involved: people on a death-defying roller coaster ride, on the Capilano Suspension Bridge, or commuting via the Lions Gate Bridge. Others images include escalators, a geoscientist testing ground water, rockfall protection netting along a highway, and maintenance work being done on an elevator. Making the connection between the headline messaging and the imagery, the ads also read: “BC’s engineers and geoscientists. Keeping you safe every day.” 

The campaign features advertising on lower mainland buses and digital displays in the domestic arrivals area of Vancouver International Airport. It also includes online ads and newspaper advertising in Victoria, Kelowna, Kamloops, Prince George, and Vancouver. 

The ads feature the new brand elements and are designed to promote name recognition and visual recall for both the professions and the association. They were pre-tested with target audiences to maximize their effectiveness.  

The Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of BC became Engineers and Geoscientists BC on August 2017, reflecting our role as a modern, progressive regulator that works in the public interest. Learn more about our new brand.

These ads and others are a part of an advertising campaign that will run during National Engineering and Geoscience Month, highlighting the role of engineers and geoscientists play in keeping the public safe every day.

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