Engineers and Geoscientists BC to Host Three Webinars on ISO Standards on Climate Change

Posted on July 6, 2021

Engineers and Geoscientists BC plans to host three webinars designed to educate registrants on recently published ISO Standards on adaptation to climate change.

ISO Standard 14090:2019 Adaptation to climate change - Principles, requirements and guidelines specifies principles, requirements, and guidelines for adaptation to climate change. This includes the integration of adaptation within or across organizations, understanding impacts and uncertainties, and how these can be used to inform decisions. ISO 14091:2021 Adaptation to climate change - Guidelines on vulnerability, impacts and risk assessment gives guidelines for assessing the risks related to the potential impacts of climate change, and how to assess risk in context of climate change.

The three webinars—Part 1 on July 20, Part 2 on August 3, and Part 3 on August 17—will provide insight and direction to the ISO Standards that support adaption to climate change. Part 1 will focus on the overview of ISO 14090 and provide an introduction to ISO 14091; Parts 2 and 3 will focus on climate impact chains, adaptive capacity, and lessons learned from international application of the ISO Standard.

The webinars will enhance the capability of engineers and geoscientists in BC to consider climate change as part of their work, in accordance with the Engineers and Geoscientists BC's Climate Change Action Plan.

While the webinars can be taken individually, Engineers and Geoscientists BC recommends that registrants register for all three.

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