Urgent Need for Personal Protective Equipment

Posted on April 1, 2020

COVID-19 has led to a severe shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE) at healthcare facilities across British Columbia. There is an urgent need for this equipment to ensure front-line healthcare workers can protect themselves against injury or illness, and provide safe, quality care to those who need it most.

Now, there are two organizations—Operation Protect and the COVID-19 Supply Hub—that are accepting and streamlining PPE donations, and routing them to BC health organizations and agencies.

Operation Protect

Engineers and geoscientists, and firms that have access to PPE, can donate to Operation Protect, an initiative of SafeCareBC, which is a non-profit association working to ensure injury free, safe working conditions for continuing care workers in BC. They are working directly with the Ministry of Health to manage the collection and distribution of this equipment.

Operation Protect is currently accepting donations in the Lower Mainland. However, they are expecting to soon expand this service to other areas of the province in the near future; for those outside of the Lower Mainland, Operation Protect can help route those donations to appropriate healthcare workers in other parts of BC.

What supplies are needed?

  • Surgical masks (approved by the FDA)
  • Exam gloves
  • Hand sanitizer (60% alcohol or higher)
  • Medical-grade disinfection wipes
  • Protective gowns
  • Eye protection (glasses, goggles, and face shields)
  • N95, N99, and N100 masks (approved by the FDA, NIOSH, or CSA)
  • R95, R99, and R100 masks (approved by the FDA, NIOSH, or CSA)
  • P95, P99, and P100 masks (approved by the FDA, NIOSH, or CSA)
  • Elastomeric half- or full-face piece respirators (including filters)
  • Powered air-purifying respirator (and accessories)

All supplies must be unopened and unused. Expired masks have recently been cleared for use by the Government of Canada and will be accepted if they are unopened and unused.

COVID-19 Supply Hub

In addition, BC manufacturers and suppliers can submit a supply proposal or donation offer to supply key provincial institutions through the newly-launched COVID-19 Supply Hub, a system designed to triage the many and diverse inquiries to ensure that qualified suppliers can connect directly with the right provincial institutions and organizations. The COVID-19 Supply Hub is designed to streamline larger-scale supply or donation proposals from manufacturers or suppliers.

Learn More

Visit Operation Protect to learn more about making a donation. They can also be reached at [email protected], or at 1.877.955.6565.

For manufacturers and suppliers, visit the COVID-19 Supply Hub to learn more about how to provide supplies to government agencies.

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