Accent Reduction Techniques for Better Communication

Date Recorded: February 23, 2017

Clear and accurate oral communication is essential to professional growth. If English is your second language, improving your speech skills will give your oral delivery greater impact by enabling your clients and colleagues to focus on the content of your speech and not how you say it. Engineers come from a variety of language backgrounds, so this is not a one-size-fits-all course. Rather, it targets your personal speech goals by focusing on pronunciation issues that are specific to your own first language.

Course Outline

Common Speech Problems: Word and phrase stress, unstressed vowels, intonation, word-final voiced consonants, breathy voiceless stop consonants P,T,K, T and D variations, TH, R, and vowels. Target Speakers: All Non-Native Speakers
Eliminating the Glottal Stop Target Speakers: Arabic/Chinese
Word-Final N and M Target Speakers: Chinese/Korean/Spanish/Portuguese/Vietnamese
Back L Target Speakers: Chinese/Japanese/Korean/Vietnamese
Front L Target Speakers: Slavic
N vs L Target Speakers: Mandarin
F Target Speakers: Korean/Tagalog
Vs Target Speakers: Portuguese/Spanish/Tagalog
B, D, G Target Speakers: Portuguese/Spanish
Consonants Groups Target Speakers: Arabic/Chinese/Japanese/Korean/Portuguese/Spanish/Tagalog
T and D Target Speakers: Hindi/Urdu

Unique Features of the Course

The instruction will provide concrete, hands-on methods for solving speech problems that are specific to individual needs of the participant. It is offered by a veteran speech-language pathologist who applies the evidence-based practice and techniques of clinical speech therapy to accent reduction. The webinar presentation will be interactive, dynamic, and imitate real speech. Written materials and sound files will be available for participants.

Target Audience

Professionals with high-level English skills who want to take their speech clarity and communication to the next level.


Patrick Byrne

Registered Speech-Language Pathologist, L2 Accent Reduction Centre

Patrick Byrne is a registered speech-language pathologist with an extensive background in helping clients communicate better. He holds a master's degree in speech science from UBC, providing him with a solid understanding of sound production and comprehensive training in speech analysis. He is a member of the Speech-Language Audiology Canada and the College of Speech and Hearing Professionals of BC. He has worked with a diverse clientele in both public health and private practice. As a certified TESL instructor Patrick has taught both in North America and overseas.

About L2 Accent Reduction Centre

A Vancouver-based clinic with clients worldwide, L2 specializes in accent reduction training that helps professionals communicate better at work and in everyday interactions. Courses are provided individually or in small groups at the L2 clinic, on site at the workplace, and by video streaming. The training is supported by L2's proprietary materials.

Members can claim “3” professional development hours after viewing this session.


Price: $85.00

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