Reinventing Life Balance and Resilience Through COVID-19 and Beyond

Video Length: 45:42

Date Recorded: June 11, 2020

As we all do our part to contain the spread of COVID-19 across the globe, the way we work and live has, for the time being, been totally disrupted. Whether you are now working from home or providing essential services outside of it, you’re no doubt experiencing a new brand of busyness and stress, and wonder, like so many others, “What now, what next?”

Learning Objectives

  • Determine what life balance looks like for you during this very off-balance time, and how you can find a routine amidst the disruption.
  • Examine various dimensions of wellness, including physical, mental, emotional, and social, and how they strengthen life balance and resilience.
  • Gain valuable strategies to manage stress and boost resilience in small steps, even with a disrupted schedule.
  • Consider a valuable perspective shift that could be a difference-maker now, and for life beyond COVID-19.


Registrants and non-registrants who may be feeling increased stress and disrupted life balance because of the changes brought on by COVID-19.




For over 15 years, Certified Speaking Professional Michelle Cederberg has been captivating audiences across North America with her empowering and humorous messages about how to set worthwhile goals, get energized for success, and live a bigger life.

An in-demand speaker, author, coach and consultant, she believes that personal and professional success is directly influenced by how well we harness the physical, mental and emotional capacity we each have within us. She helps people boost that capacity, so they gain clarity, build confidence, and get the discipline to create the life and career they want.

She holds a master's in kinesiology, a BA in psychology, a specialization in health and exercise psychology, is a Certified Exercise Physiologist, a Certified Professional Co-Active Life Coach, and an ORSC-Trained Team Coach. She truly combines mind, body and practicality to empower change.

Michelle is the author of three books. Her newest book "The Success-Energy Equation: Use Science and Common Sense to Do Everything Better", will be released in fall 2020.

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