Expert Witness

Date Recorded: June 27, 2019

An expert is one who by reason of education or special experience has knowledge respecting a subject matter about which persons having no particular training are incapable of forming an accurate opinion of making a correct deduction.

As a professional engineer or geoscientist, at some point in your career you may be asked to write an expert report or testify as an expert at a trial. Are you fully aware of what will be expected from you? Instructed by Beth Allard, expert litigator in Engineering and Construction issues, this online learning course will discuss the factors to consider before agreeing to deliver expert witness testimony, as well as examine the benefits and risks of doing so. Key concepts such as independence, impartiality, conflict of interest, and confidentiality will be discussed.


Beth Allard, LLP

Beth Allard’s practice encompasses a broad range of construction-based disputes, including professional liability defense for design professionals, procurement issues in the private and public sectors, project delivery and management, and builders liens. Beth works with her clients to manage risks, and to resolve disputes efficiently and strategically.

Beth has lectured and written extensively on various legal topics. Beth is the author of “Contribution and Apportionment” in CLEBC’s British Columbia Business Disputes, and is a regular contributor to CLEBC’s Builders Lien Practice Manual.

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