Bear Safety Review: Using Bear Biology to Help Keep You Safe

Video Length: 58:22

Date Recorded: January 27, 2021

In this webinar, our speaker, Tony Hamilton, RPBio, M.Sc., will focus on bear biology, including how a priori knowledge of seasonal food and habitat selection and sign interpretation can be used to help stay safe. He will review the differences between black and grizzly bear encounters, defensive or predatory situations, and provide an updated summary of BC bear attack circumstances and statistics. He will give us his perspective on what happened during attendees’ bear encounters and whether they did—or perhaps didn’t—respond appropriately.




Tony is a semi-retired bear biologist currently contracted by the Okanagan Nation Alliance to assist with Grizzly bear recovery planning in the Manning and Skagit Park area. Tony worked for the Ministry of Environment on bears from 1982–2018 as a researcher and manager, with specialties in bear-forestry interactions, land use planning and cumulative effects of major project development. He is a regular educator on human-bear conflict prevention, including worker safety in bear country and has recently helped the Forest Practices Board and FLNROD Inventory Branch review and update their field crews’ bear knowledge safety practices and protocols.

Registrants can claim "1" Continuing Education hours after viewing this session


Price: $25.00