Climate Change Impacts on Water

Video Length: 01:22:21

Date Recorded: May/28/2020

The seminar will address the impact on fresh water sources such as Harmful Algal Blooms (HABs), Cyanotoxins produced from HABs, and how to address these challenges to maintain the supply of safe drinking water to the public.

The learning objectives for this seminar include: 
  • To enhance participant’s knowledge on the impact of Climate Change on Water resources and potential impact on human health. 
  • To understand the impact of Climate Change on water supplies, and how the world mitigates and adapts to these effects. 
  • To enhance participant’s understanding on Climate change impacts on the ecosystem, especially on water sources and the water systems infrastructure.


Dr. Saad Jasim, P.Eng.

President, International Ozone Association

Dr. Jasim received his B.Sc. in chemical engineering from Baghdad University, his M.Sc. and PhD in chemical engineering from the University of Wales Swansea in the UK. He is a registered professional engineer in Ontario and in British Columbia. Dr. Jasim serves as Manager, Utilities for the City of White Rock. He started the work to investigate and research the technologies for the new water treatment plants and initiated the discussion with the Res’eau-WaterNet, University of British Columbia, which led to signing the agreement to conduct the studies required for the design of the new water treatment plant for the removal of Arsenic and Manganese. He is the first Canadian elected as President of the International Ozone Association.

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