Professional Practice Guidelines: Onsite Sewerage Systems

Video Length: 1:28:57

Date Recorded: July 28, 2020

This webinar will review Engineers and Geoscientists BC's Professional Practice Guidelines - Onsite Sewerage Systems. These guidelines help professionals to better manage and design onsite sewage systems under BC's Sewerage System Regulation.

The webinar presenters will review the guidelines cover-to-cover, with interesting anecdotes and tips about the "good, bad and ugly" of engineering design practices. The presentation will focus on how to meet the intent of the professional practice guidelines when practicing in this area.

Presenters will answer questions about Professional Practice for onsite systems including:

  • Purpose of the Practice Guideline
  • Value of the Guidelines for a practicing professional
  • Requirements of the Sewerage System Regulation (a summary only)
  • The Standard Practice Manual
  • Roles that you might take on a project
  • Your responsibilities when supervising other professionals or technicians including Registered Practitioners.
  • Elements of an "adequate"field review
  • The professional’s role in operation and maintenance
  • Are you qualified to design an onsite system?
  • What is a "professional competent in the area of hydrogeology" in Section 3.1 of the Regulation
  • Important sewage source characteristics
  • Elements of a complete site evaluation
  • Documenting the link between the site conditions and the design
  • Documents to file with the health authority
  • Other documents required to meet the Guidelines
  • Special situations to look out for when planning an onsite system
  • Necessary and useful references (regulations, guidelines, manuals)
  • Useful checklists
  • What to consider when departing from the SPM standards


Brent William Dennis, P.Eng.

BWD Engineering Inc.

Brent has been active in the onsite wastewater industry throughout all areas of BC since 2005. He has extensive knowledge of provincial and regional regulation and has collaborated as a subject matter expert on many initiatives including Version 3 of the BC Standard Practice Manual. Brent also has a working knowledge of onsite regulations in Alberta, Saskatchewan, the Yukon, and several US States. After 5 years as the Founding President of the Western Canada Onsite Wastewater Management Association of BC (WCOWMA-BC), Brent has participated in technical and regulatory initiatives at all levels of government, universities, and technical committees. He has served on Liquid Waste Management Committees and contributed to ROWP certification training and public education programs.

Michael Ian Payne, P.Eng./P.Geo..

Payne Engineering Geology Ltd.

Michael is a professional groundwater engineer and hydrogeologist. He is an expert on soil-based treatment of sewage and aquifer protection planning. Michael has evaluated site hydrogeology and completed system designs for 250 wastewater systems and 200 water supply wells. Michael was co-author of our Association's Professional Practice Guidelines and a co-author of the BC Standard Practice Manual for onsite sewage systems.

Harshan Radhakrishnan, P.Eng.

Engineers and Geoscientists BC

Harshan is a professional engineer working in Professional Practice, Standards and Development Department of Engineers and Geoscientists BC. His previous experience includes providing practice advice in the capacity of a Practice Advisor, project managing the development of and revisions to Professional Practice Guidelines, and supporting Government of Alberta in the issuance of environmental approvals for municipal engineering projects.

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