PPE Study Kit (Both Books)

PPE Study Kit (includes both books)

This PPE Study Kit includes both textbooks: Canadian Professional Engineering and Geoscience Practice and Ethics (6th ed.) and Practical Law of Architecture, Engineering and Geoscience (3rd ed.).

Canadian Professional Engineering and Geoscience: Practice and Ethics

6th Edition

This textbook is a basic reference for practising professionals and is stipulated text for the practice and ethics part of the Professional Practice Examination (PPE) for licensing. It introduces engineers and geoscientists from every province and territory to the structure, practice, and ethics of the professions, and encourages professionals to apply ethical concepts to their work.

Practical Law of Architecture, Engineering and Geoscience

3rd Canadian Edition

Practical Law presents the most up-to-date concepts and changes in the legal field, while presenting new case studies and new coverage of topics such as Quebec law, international law, the relationship between ethics and the law, breach of confidentiality, and safety and professional liability issues related to the Criminal Code of Canada.

If you are purchasing the kit, both books are included. Please do not add them separately.

Price: $249.52

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