Sign Up for the OQM Program

As of December 31, 2020, the OQM Program will no longer be accepting applications. Beginning in July 2021, all firms offering engineering or geoscience services or products in BC will be required to apply for a permit to practice on a mandatory basis. For more information please visit the Regulation of Firms page or contact [email protected].

To initiate OQM certification, complete the form below. Once your information is received you will be notified of all upcoming OQM Certification Training Sessions.

OQM Sign Up Form

The OQM Certification process is as follows:

  1. Complete and submit the OQM Sign Up form indicating your intent to participate in the OQM Program,
  2. You will be notified of upcoming OQM Training Sessions as the dates are announced (scheduling will be determined by demand in each geographic region),
  3. Register for an OQM Training Session. Training session fees ($100+tax) are credited to the organization's Annual Certification fee up to a maximum of $200,
  4. Complete the one day training session,
  5. Upon completion of the training session, submit completed application and remaining payment (Annual Certification Fee) within 90 days. The training session must be completed before submitting the completed application. Note: Current fee schedule can be found in figure 9-2 of the OQM Manual,
  6. The application and supporting documents for OQM Certification will undergo review,
  7. An OQM Certificate will be issued once the application and supporting documentation has been approved, and
  8. Once in the first five years, and every subsequent five year period, an OQM Certified organization will undergo site audits to confirm compliance with OQM Requirements.

Annual certification fees are based on the number of Engineers and Geoscientist British Columbia professionals employed by the organization. Complete details about the OQM certification process and fees are included in Section 9 – Implementing Organizational Quality Management in the OQM Manual.

Employees of an organization that has initiated the OQM certification process, who have been selected for a Random Practice Review will have their Practice Review deferred during the certification process. Once OQM Certification is achieved their Practice Review file will be closed. All employees will be exempt from selection for Random Practice Review while employed at an OQM Certified organization.