Geoff McDonell, P.Eng., Associate Partner of Integral Group

“While we already had a number of in-house quality management tools, the OQM seminar and certification process really helped us package up our quality management process, and clarify what we needed to do in order to make it easy for everyone in the organization here to use our design and deliverables checklists, and have a clear understanding of the quality management task and goals. I’d recommend that the OQM seminar be presented to as many engineering organizations as possible to educate them as to what we, as a profession, should be aiming for, even if the company chooses not to certify, the OQM requirements do provide a very clear path to quality improvement.

William J. Alcock, P.Eng., Struct.Eng., Vice President of Sacré-Davey Engineering Inc.

“As a company, Sacré-Davey Engineering Inc. had been searching for a technical quality management program (other than ISO) for quite some time. We had made various attempts at implementing our own programs, all unsuccessfully. I was given the opportunity to review a draft version of the OQM, and realized it could be just what we needed. I presented the OQM program to the rest of our management team, and it was immediately accepted. We have now fully embraced OQM and are planning on extending it out into the project management side of our business.

Jack Lee, P.Eng., FEC, VP Operations of Opus Daytonknight

“As a former Board member of the Association of Consulting Engineers of Canada – British Columbia, Opus DaytonKnight is well aware of the benefits of the OQM Program during its development stage. The staff at APEGBC did an excellent job of engaging the consulting engineering industry and gave ACEC – British Columbia the opportunity to participate in the OQM Task Force and Pilot Project. OQM certification will improve the quality of our company’s work to our clients and will reduce our risk.”

Maciej Sobczyk, P.Eng. of Geoclima Mechanical Engineering Ltd.

“Materials and trainings provided by APEG OQM team were extremely helpful in having organization of the consulting process in Geoclima better organized in full compliance with the requirements of Engineers and Geoscientists Act and APEGBC Bylaws.”

Tim Murphy, P.Eng., PMP, Principal Engineer of EBA Engineering Consultants Ltd., A Tetra Tech Company

“APEGBC’s OQM program aligns nicely with our quality management program. During the process of OQM Certification we found APEGBC to be a great resource to our organization. This relationship will benefit both our organization and the APEGBC professionals we employ.”

Herb Putz, Eng.L., P.L.Eng., Lead Engineer, Buildings – Western Canada of CIMA Canada Inc.

"When the OQM program was first announced by APEGBC and we examined the value of the program, we decided that this was going to be good for both the client and for CIMA+. We needed to step up and make the adjustments to our processes and capitalize on the outcomes. The OQM Program contains quality policies and procedures that are expected from an engineer. It establishes the practices required in the performance of engineering. It improves the clarity in which the work needs to be executed and how it must be documented."

Mahmoud Mahmoud, PhD, P.Eng., FEC, President of GES Geotech Inc.

"We already had policies and procedures in place as part of our Professional Practice Management Plan (PPMP) document which is a requirement of companies registered with APEGA. However, we were very supportive of implementing the OQM program as we find it complementary to our existing policies and procedures. We also find the recognition that OQM provides BC firms to be significant."

Dieter Diedericks, PMP, P.Eng., Manager Infrastructure of Associated Engineering (BC) Ltd.

“Associated Engineering’s strong in-house Quality Management Program aligns well with APEGBC’s OQM approach. APEGBC’S comprehensive one-day training session included the development of an OQM Certification Action Plan which enabled us to identify action items to address, prior to submitting our application. We received certification within 6 weeks of attending the training session.”

Sharon Goddard, P.Eng., Senior Project Manager of R.F. Binnie & Associates Ltd.

"Binnie is proud to be one of the first companies that have achieved the Organizational Quality Management Certification from APEGBC. We are confident this OQM certification will benefit our internal engineering processes and gain further recognition for our engineers and company."

Michael Wrinch, PhD, P.Eng., President of Hedgehog Technologies Inc.

"The OQM Manual has a checklist that made professional compliance straight forward to apply to our existing company policy. I was surprised by the enthusiasm with which the staff at Hedgehog Technologies enjoyed talking about engineering process during our internal training session. This is a conversation every company needs to have."