Sustainability is the concept of employing our physical, natural, and social resources to meet our needs and aspirations without compromising the well-being of future generations and the global ecosystem. Since the early 1990s, Engineers and Geoscientists British Columbia has consistently supported and encouraged its members to adapt sustainable principles within the practice of professional engineering and geoscience.

Members of Engineers and Geoscientists BC, through the Sustainability Committee, advise Council on these matters on an ongoing basis.

Engineers and Geoscientists British Columbia has undertaken several initiatives to explore the impact of climate change on professional engineering and geoscience practice. The climate page aims to support professionals in incorporating a consideration of climate change into their practice.

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Sustainability Resources

Engineers and Geoscientists BC provides members with sustainability-related resources as well as suggestions for implementing it in everyday practice.

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Sustainability Award

The Sustainability Award was created to recognize the important contributions that engineering and geoscience make to the well being of human life and the ecosystem.

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Sustainability Committee

The Sustainability Committee advises Council on facilitating sustainability within professional engineering and geoscience practice and supports members in incorporating sustainability principles into their work.

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