Registered in Australia, Hong Kong, or Ireland

About this Category

Your active registration with Engineers Australia (C.P.Eng), The Hong Kong Institution of Engineers (MHKIE), Engineers Ireland (C.Eng MIEI) or the Institute of Geologists of Ireland (P.Geo.) allows for a more streamlined process towards professional registration with Engineers and Geoscientists British Columbia. Mutual recognition agreements between Canada and these jurisdictions have been negotiated and recognize the equivalency of the accreditation systems used with the Canadian system.

Who can Apply

Only individuals who are currently registered as a chartered engineer with Engineers Australia (C.P.Eng.) or Engineers Ireland (C.Eng. MIEI), registered as a professional engineer with the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers (MHKIE) or registered as a professional geoscientist with the Institute of Geologists of Ireland (P.Geo.).

Please note that this agreement can not be applied to those who had been granted Qualification/Licensure with their Home Association through a third-party mutual recognition agreement.

Application Requirements

In addition to verification of the appropriate level of registration in good standing with one of the registration bodies above, applicants for Professional Engineer or Professional Geoscientist registration with Engineers and Geoscientists BC are required to complete the following:


All applicants for professional registration under the terms of full professional level mobility agreement are required to complete:

Applicants for Professional Engineer registration or should refer to the information on the Competency Assessment System and the Discipline-Specific indicators.

Applicants for Professional Geoscientist registration or licence should refer to the Satisfactory Geoscience Experience Guideline. Engineers and Geoscientists BC recommends that applicants report geoscience experience by providing a detailed report which chronologically summarizes an individual’s employment history focusing on the projects involved and the role of the individual in relation to those projects.

Exam Requirement

E​nglish Language Competence for Practice

English Language Competence for Practice is evaluated through:

  • An essay written as part of  the Professional Practice Examination.
  • Comments of referees/validators.
  • Comments of interviewers (if an interview is required).

Good Character Requirement

All applicants must prove that they are of good character and good repute. Engineers and Geoscientists BC will review the information provided in your application to ensure that you meet these standards. To learn more about these requirements, see the page for Good Character Requirement and Registration Hearings.

How to A​pply

Applications are made through the Online Membership Application.


Documents ​Required

  1. A completed  application.
  2. *Certified proof of citizenship (citizenship card, birth certificate or current photo page passport) or  Permanent Resident document.
  3. For Professional Engineer applicants, submission of the Canadian Environment Competencies using the Competency Assessment System
  4. For Professional Geoscientist applicants, a chronological summary of your experience detailing at least one year of satisfactory geoscience experience in a Canadian Environment, as applicable.
  5. Validators from at least two eligible Canadian or U.S. Professional Engineer or Professional Geoscientist referees, in your discipline of registration, who can attest to your Canadian environment experience. Applicants for professional geoscience must use reference forms.
  6. A completed application to write the Professional Practice Examination.
  7. A completed Confirmation Request Form from your home jurisdiction.

* To have a copy certified, make a photocopy of your document (citizenship card, birth certificate or current passport) and ask a P.Eng., P.Geo., P.E., or Notary Public to sign and stamp it as a "true copy of the original".  

How Much Does it Cost?

  •  All prices are subject to GST




Application Fee - Professional Registration With application $475.00
Professional Practice Examination During Online Application $260.00
Registration/Licensing Fee with Practice Rights After registration $270.00
Annual Fee – Professional Registrants P.Eng. or P.Geo. Pro-rated, paid after registration $460.00

After Applying

It takes approximately four to six weeks to review your application once we have received all required documents. We advise that you write the Professional Practice Examination shortly after you apply for registration to avoid delaying your registration.

Upon registration, Engineers and Geoscientists BC will send you a notification email, a certificate of registration and a seal.