Discrete Scope Projects

The Discrete Scope Projects (DSP) Directory has been compiled on the basis of self-declarations provided by registrants that, in accordance with Principle 2 of the Code of Ethics, they are qualified by training or experience to provide engineering or geoscience services in their practice area(s) of interest. The DSP Directory may not include all registrants that undertake these services. Engineers and Geoscientists BC assumes no responsibilities for the services provided by the registrants or organizations whose names are listed in the DSP Directory, the SEABC Directory or the ACEC-BC Directory. Engineers and Geoscientists BC assumes no responsibilities for the services provided by the registrants or organizations whose names are listed in the DSP Directory.

Find an Engineer or Geoscientist for Your Small Project

Do you have a small project that requires the services of a professional engineer of professional geoscientist?

Have you been asked to provide plans, drawings, reports or other documents sealed by an Engineers and Geoscientists BC professional?

The organization frequently receives requests from individuals and small-to-medium-sized businesses for the names of Engineers and Geoscientists BC professionals that could provide services for their projects. In most cases, those projects have discrete and limited scopes. Such requests often arise from a requirement by an authority having jurisdiction, such as a building official or a permitting officer.

To assist in locating Engineers and Geoscientists BC registrants who provide services on these types of projects, Engineers and Geoscientists BC has created the Discrete Scope Projects (DSP) Directory. Engineers and Geoscientists BC professionals whose names are included in the DSP Directory have voluntarily provided their information and indicated their willingness to take on such assignments.

View the Discrete Scope Projects Directory 

Find a Structural Engineer

The Structural Engineers Association of British Columbia (SEABC) maintains a searchable directory of structural engineering firms.

Find a Professional for a Larger or Multi-disciplinary Project

While participating engineers and geoscientists listed in the DSP Directory may have the resources to handle larger projects, for more substantial and complex projects, or projects requiring the application of multiple engineering disciplines, the Association of Consulting Engineering Companies of British Columbia (ACEC-BC) maintains a directory of engineering companies.

Join the DSP Directory

Interested Engineers and Geoscientists BC registrants can add their names to the DSP Directory on a voluntary basis. To register, please fill out the Declaration Form.