Director, Project Services

Company: University of British Columbia, Infrastructure Development
Location: Vancouver, British Columbia
Email: [email protected]

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Job Summary

The Director, Project Services, leads the Project Services unit of UBC Infrastructure Development, overseeing the administration and management of capital projects involving the renovation and renewal of campus infrastructure (buildings, landscape, and utilities) to meet the changing functional, operational, and aesthetic requirements of the University.

The Director is responsible for providing full, professional, design-build construction and renovation services on campus projects ranging from approximately $50,000 to $2.5 Million, as well as on major infrastructure renewal projects ranging in size up to $90 million in individual project value. They are financially responsible for an operating budget of approximately $4.5 million, and direct a workforce of approximately 25 staff. They are also financially responsible for the expenditure of approximately $78 million in construction costs per year, as well as being responsible for more than $300 million worth of construction projects each year.

The Director is also responsible for providing strategic direction for the long-, medium-, and short-term goals for Project Services. They will establish an overall vision, and develop priorities and business plans to help achieve the strategic goals and direction of the unit. The Director will provide strategic leadership to ensure that Project Services is well positioned to operate as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Organizational Status

  • Reports to the Managing Director, Infrastructure Development.

Work Performed

  • Provides strategic leadership for the operations of Project Services, which provides project management, planning, design, estimating and construction management for projects to improve the University's buildings, landscape and utilities infrastructure.
  • Provides strategic leadership to ensure the effective and efficient delivery of projects involving renovation and renewal of campus buildings, landscape and utilities infrastructure in excess of $300M per year.
  • Responsible for capital projects for growth, retrofit and replacement of University infrastructure to meet evolving University requirements while upholding the architectural fabric, design and landscape character of the University.
  • Acts as the strategic liaison between key stakeholders, and leads others towards the achievement of the department's goals by effectively communicating the vision, coordinating resources, advancing priorities, building commitment, and ensuring effective execution on key projects with minimal disruption to usage of campus space.
  • Develops medium to long-term strategic and business plans for Project Services. Responsible for the implementation of these plans by developing specific goals, objectives, tasks, and action plans. Ensures that the necessary resources are made available and monitors progress to ensure that goals and objectives are being achieved within the required time.
  • Responsible for strategic management of the $4.5 million budget for the unit, in collaboration with Infrastructure Development's Finance team. Responsible for meeting or exceeding revenue and expense projections by minimizing expenditures where possible. Ensures expenditures are within budget appropriation, identifies over- or under-expenditures, and takes timely corrective action.
  • Provides leadership to Project Services and related departments in developing all processes related to Project Management.
  • Motivates employees to maximize the potential for a results-oriented workplace.
  • Ensures that a clear departmental mandate is defined and understood by each employee.
  • Assures the optimum utilization of staff through their training, development, and direction/motivation.
  • Directs and manages the execution of the UBC Vancouver Planned Renewals 5 year capital plan including system/equipment replacement, renewal and upgrades.
  • Provides leadership to ensure the adherence and compliance to all Acts and codes relating to buildings such as BC Electrical Act (BC Safety Authority), BC Building Code, and the Power Engineers, Boilers, Pressure Vessels, and Refrigeration Safety Regulation.
  • Integrates efforts with Campus and Community Planning to ensure that the implementation of Campus as a Living Lab initiatives is in alignment with the campus master plan, including directs initiatives, feasibility studies, and strategic business planning to advance the University's sustainability goals related to capital infrastructure and to influence the quality and character of University architecture and landscape.
  • Advises on matters related to campus facility design and project delivery in order to promote a high standard of design, sustainability, and execution for all projects on campus.
  • Provides leadership to ensure compliance with University and government procurement requirements for capital projects.
  • Develops goals, objectives, and policies for the University with other departments and advisory committees, primarily but not limited to UBC regulatory policies adopted through Board of Governors' Policy #126 Capital Projects, Capital Purchases & Internal Loans.
  • Supports the Associate Vice President, Facilities, and the Vice President, Finance and Operations, by preparing information, analysis, reports, and policy recommendations on long-range strategic planning and development-related matters.
  • Oversees studies, and prepares, presents, and responds to reports given to a wide range of internal and external audiences, including the Advisory Urban Design Panel, and the Executive, Board of Governors, independently or in support of the Associate Vice President, Facilities.
  • Liaises on strategic planning and project development issues with the Facilities Planning and Capital Planning divisions of Infrastructure Development as well as with Campus and Community Planning, Building Operations, Risk Management Services, Treasury, Transportation Planning, Sustainability, and UBC Properties Trust.
  • Provides advice and information and resolves problems for the University Administration, Faculties, and Departments related to Infrastructure Development projects.
  • Collaborates with University planners, development managers, architects, and engineers to give consulting advice as required.
  • Ensures division is in compliance with all health, safety, and environment programs.
  • Participates in the on-going review, updating, and implementation of the University's Campus Plan, Design Guidelines, Technical Guidelines, and Capital Plans.
  • Prepares and presents technical, operational, and managerial reports, including contribution to Board Reports as required.
  • Acts as project manager on specific projects.
  • Acts as the department representative on assigned University and external committees.
  • Acts for the Managing Director, Infrastructure Development, as required in his/her absence.
  • Performs other related duties as required.

Supervision Received

Work performance is reviewed and evaluated by the Managing Director, Infrastructure Development, in terms of technical competence and effective administration. Works with senior administration and within policy guidelines to achieve objectives on specific capital projects as well as overall long-term objectives for the capital program. Work is reviewed in terms of overall results on projects and coordination of departmental activities independently to an established policy and a broad framework of laid out procedures. References other Directors and Associate Directors in problem situations that cannot be resolved within established procedures.

Supervision Given

Two Senior Managers report to the Director. These Senior Managers have a team of approximately 13 Senior Project Managers, Project Managers, and Associate Project Managers, as well as 3 Project Administrators and 4 Project Coordinators. Two Procurement Officers also have a dotted line reporting structure to the Director. The Director gives direction to other architectural, engineering, and construction professionals as well.

The Director is responsible for determining objectives, priorities, and status and measures accomplishments against strategic business plan goals, objectives, and performance standards.

Consequence of Error/Judgement

  • Deals with extensive data and provides operational and construction engineering acumen to the University.
  • Close attention is required to prevent failures and to identify and correct problems that could result in both a serious financial and/or service loss to the University.
  • The position is expected to keep current with respect to: scheduling concepts, estimating practices, project management techniques, engineering principles, government regulations and codes, construction technology and products, and life safety issues pertaining to facilities and infrastructure engineering operations management and to keep all procedural manuals/systems documentation up to date.
  • Considerable project appropriations are reviewed, monitored, scheduled and managed through this position on labour and materials at many levels.
  • Is responsible and accountable for expending University resources and applies professional judgement and discretion in dealing with technical issues and evaluating consultants and contractors.

The consequence of incorrect decisions is major, involving issues of life safety, expenditure of University funds and specification of processes and projects with operational, maintenance, and sustainability implications. This position oversees the total building trades activities assuring that alterations, renovations, etc., are carried out according to plan. Manages an annual capital program of approximately $25 million through monthly and quarterly revenue and expense analysis.


  • University degree in a specialization (e.g., architecture, engineering, community planning, etc.).
  • Eligibility for membership in a professional institute or association.
  • A minimum of 12 years experience  involving management and capital budgeting or the equivalent combination of education and experience.
  • Experience in project management and construction of facility projects of varying size and complexity is required, including: planning, estimating, scheduling, coordination, cost control, and reporting.
  • Union relations and conflict resolution.
  • Design review and take-offs.
  • Computerized financial accounting, scheduling, and project management systems; and customer service mechanisms.
  • Several years of direct working experience at a senior capacity in the private sector or equivalent experience in a supervisory capacity with a public and private sectors is preferred.