Annual General Meeting

The 2021 Annual General Meeting will be held on October 30, 2021 at 8:30 AM, using a virtual meeting format.

Annual General Meeting
Saturday, October 30 at 8:30 AM–12:00 PM

The AGM is an opportunity for registrants to hear from Council and senior staff on the organization’s strategic progress, key initiatives, and financial standing. It also provides an opportunity for registrants to participate in self-regulation by bringing forward motions for the consideration of Council.

As the meeting will be held electronically, additional meeting rules and protocols will be in effect to facilitate an electronic meeting, including requirements for how motions will be accepted for consideration at the AGM.

Learn more about the Rules of Order that will govern the Annual General Meeting.


All registrants are encouraged to attend and participate. Students, and members of the public are welcome to attend as observers. The AGM is free to attend, however pre-registration will be required. Registrants attending the AGM must register by 5 PM on October 25, 2021, in order to establish secure voting credentials.

Register for the AGM

Motion Submission

To submit a motion for consideration at the AGM, you’ll need to provide the full text of your motion, along with some basic information about how it aligns with the Engineers and Geoscientists BC’s Strategic Plan and the motion’s importance. All motions must be received no later than 5 PM on September 29, 2021.

Proposed Motion Form

For more information on the process for submitting motions, refer to the submission guide.

Presenting Your Motion

All motions submitted will be reviewed to ensure that they are in order (as per Robert’s Rules) for consideration at the AGM. If the submitted motion is in order, the mover will be contacted and provided an opportunity to pre-record a 2 minute or less audio introduction to their motion. The recording will be played during the AGM. The mover and seconder must both be in attendance at the AGM.

Motions will also be published ahead of the meeting, in order to support informed debate on the issue being raised.

Additional Information

To provide further details on the organization’s activities over the past fiscal year ahead of the motion submission deadline, we have published a Year in Review report which includes advanced copies of the CEO’s Report, President’s Report, the Government Appointee’s Report, and a Special Message from Ann English from the 2020/2021 Annual Report.

Check back for additional meeting material, including the AGM agenda.

Annual General Meeting Minutes