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Industries & Areas of Practice

Starting on June 30, 2021, individual registrants will be required to annually provide their self declared industry and area(s) of practice to Engineers and Geoscientists BC. Additionally, starting on July 2, 2021 registrant firms will also be required to self declare the firm’s industry and area(s) of practice.

Historically, registrants were encouraged to self-declare their industry and area(s) of practice (formerly known as fields of practice). Under the Professional Governance Act and the Engineers and Geoscientists BC Bylaws this information is now mandatory. The information provided will be published on the online Register and will be reviewed during a compliance audit or practice review of a registrant. A minimum of one industry and one area of practice must be declared, but there is no maximum limit.

Please note that the list of industries and areas of practice may not capture every industry and area of practice in which Engineers and Geoscientists BC registrants practice, in these cases, registrants can choose the “other” option and manually enter in this information.

Registrants’ industry and area(s) of practice can be declared, reviewed, and updated through their online Account with Engineers and Geoscientists BC.

When providing this information, first select your industry of practice, then select your area(s)of practice. The following examples have been provided below to help registrants understand how to declare these details.

For more information, please see Industries and Areas of Practice for guidance and examples to assist with your self-declaration. 

Example 1

An engineer works for a consulting firm that focuses on structural engineering services and the engineer’s work is focused on structural design of concrete, steel, and wood frame buildings. In this case the engineer may declare the following:

Industry of Practice:Consulting Engineering – Structural
Area(s) of Practice:Engineering – Structural – Bldg Design/Const - Concrete
Engineering – Structural Bldg Design/Const – Steel
Engineering – Structural - Bldg Design/Const - Wood

Example 2

A geoscientist works for a mining firm as a Mine Geoscientist, but also conducts mineral exploration related work for the firm.  In this case the geoscientist may declare the following:

Industry of Practice:Resources – Mining
Area(s) of Practice:Geoscience – Geology – Mine Geology
Geoscience – Geology – Exploration Geology

Example 3

An engineer works for a software development firm and their work is focused on aerospace. In this case the engineer may declare the following:

Industry of Practice:High Technology – Software Development
Area(s) of Practice:Engineering – Aeronautics/Aerospace - Avionics/Software/Communications
Engineering – Aeronautics/Aerospace – Other

Example 4

An engineer is working for a financial planning institution and is not practicing within the definition of professional engineering, but is focused on business development. In this case the engineer may declare the following:

Industry of Practice:Non-Regulated Practice – Financial Planning
Area(s) of Practice:Non-Regulated Practice – Business Services
Non-Regulated Practice – Sales & Marketing